March 09, 2017


Making movements and having the ability to still take action is a blessing. So don't take every single second for granted, cherish the moment that you can still move, make the best out of your life.

You can still move so don't give a shit. Don't be scared if you are not perfect, don't be scared if you're not succeeding because as long as you are moving... you will be alright, you will become very successful in just a matter of time. Because you're already there, you just need to take more actions and stay focus on your goals.

If you can just move everyday and do what is needed then there is nothing to worry about. It is pretty basic... you will get something if you put in the work. No one who works hard has ever fail. People can put you down, people can doubt you or tell you that you are wrong but if you are moving then everything will be fine, sooner or later everything that you need will come into your life.

That is what movement can do, it creates results, it puts you in a right direction. That is why I am wondering why some people can't find money or job... it is because they are not moving instead they are complaining and crying.

Sometimes it is hard to move but it is harder if you will not move because you will be stressed, you will have doubts, you will entertain a lot of negative thoughts that will make you weak and useless.

So if you are in doubt.. just move. If you don't know what to do... just move, keep moving and moving until you start winning.

Even if you were already old, even if your skills are not enough... just move. Movement will create miracles, movement will give you peace. It doesn't matter what kind of move you are going to do, as long as it is positive action or is related to your dreams... that is the right move.

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