March 21, 2017


Focus on eating your own bread, never count other people's bread and compare it with yours. The reason why you can't become successful is because you always look at other people succeeding, you are counting their bread, you never count your own and appreciate your own. Their numbers is different than yours. They can have larger number of breads but that thing doesn't matter, what matters is you are eating your own bread and you also have bread.

You can only multiply your bread if you are focus on it and you never get jealous with other people. Jealousy creates negativity that will result to inactivity. You will stop taking actions if you are too busy watching other people succeeding and getting better than you. If you are looking at the outside then you are getting weaker on the inside, growth starts within you, you don't need to look for others to succeed.

It doesn't matter if their house is bigger or their cars are fancier. What matters is you can appreciate what you have and you are truly happy with your properties.

People who always compare can never become happy, it is because they cannot even look at their own possessions and become truly happy with it. They need someone or something to become happy, they need to beat someone to become happy, they don't know that happiness can be achieved anytime regardless of what you have, all you need to do is develop a mindset that no matter what happens to your life you are still blessed.

Be appreciative and that's it. Appreciate what you have and be satisfied with it, if you can make it grow then do it but if it is all you can have at the moment then just simply appreciate it and never get jealous with others.

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