March 19, 2017


You always see what is missing in your life because you're always thinking, comparing and wondering how you will get what you want. You are stuck in a thought process that gets you nowhere. You are so focused on your thoughts and you're not making actions anymore. You keep on dreaming about the things that you want that is why you can't get it.

Why don't you take actions instead of dreaming? you've been dreaming all of your life and you become very good at it. You are imagining yourself holding and having the things you love but the dreaming is so much and you almost forgot how to take actions.

You always see what is missing in your life because you're not doing something to get it. What you need to do is just focus on taking actions, focus on the process and not on the results. If you are so focused so much on the finish line then you will not be able to stick with the process that gives you results, you will feel that it is not in your hands and the worse is you will lose motivation once you see that you are not progressing.

Don't look at what is missing in your life, just do something to make your position a little bit better than yesterday and never stop moving. If you are always moving then you will be entertained and you will forget time, you will forget what is missing in your life. Especially if you are enjoying what you're doing, that is the key... to have a lot of fun while undergoing the process, you need to find ways on how to be happy while taking actions until you achieved all of your dreams. Movement will make you forget what is missing in your life, movement will create abundance and destroy scarcity.

Because taking any action is so much better than not doing anything at all. Just focus on the movement and forget how long will it take to accomplish your dream, keep moving and keep progressing... don't stop until you win.

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