March 01, 2017


Any material things can always evaporate but your growth... it is always there forever. Material things were always depreciating but your growth... it is always improving.

So if you don't have money to by flashy things such as cars, bags, clothes, shoes, gadgets etc. Don't feel sorry because you can always grow without those things. You can become really happy if you are growing. Those things can only make you happy if they were still new but if they were a little bit old... you wouldn't want to touch them anymore, you want to replace them immediately.

Focus on growth and you will not care about those things anymore. You will feel confident without them. Grow your muscles, grow your knowledge, grow a certain skill that you want, grow your speed, grow your business. If you are growing it means you are succeeding.

A person can have all the fanciest things in the world but if he is not growing... he will not become really happy. You can have the latest iPhone in the market but if you're a fat ass bitch who can't even run and amuse yourself... then you are still nothing, your happiness is based on the outside and not on the inside,

If you are focused on growth then you don't need money anymore, money will come to you, they will pay you because your skills are great.

Enjoy growth and see yourself growing everyday, see yourself becoming better at something everyday. You will find true happiness if you are evolving and not deteriorating.

Material things will only make you jealous, in debt and dumb. You will focus so much on those things to the point where you are envy when someone owns something that is better than yours, you will overuse your credit card and be in a huge debt just to buy the latest things and gadgets, you will become stupid because you are not learning anymore, you are so busy using your new things that will not even make you a better person. You will only look better but your mind and soul is weaker.

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