March 25, 2017


Sometimes you get too emotional, you are giving sympathy to others even though they don't need your sympathy. You're acting like you care but the truth is you can't do something about it. If all you do is feel sorry and you can't help or at least take small actions to make the situation better... then you're just a joke, you're a corny attention seeker that only wants to look nice to other people.

You will post hash tags on facebook that says you feel sorry for the bombing in france but you can't even feel sorry for the problems of your own country. You're acting like you're so affected, are you really affected or you just want to be part of the talk of the town?

First of all... it is not your problem. The problems of other people or other country is not your problem so why are you acting like you're affected?

The point here is there is nothing you can do about it anymore, if you can help them then do it right away, give donations, give your money, do everything you can. But if all you can do is make dramas then you better shut up because you're not helping, your're just acting like you care.

You should solve your own problem first before talking about other people's problems. How can you help other people if you can't even help yourself? the problem with you is you care so much with other people's problems but you can't even fix your own life.

You can never have a better life if you care so much about other people but you don't even care about yourself. It's not about being selfish or insensitive, it is about facing the truth... you should make your life better first before making other people's life better.

You care about the problem of your cousin who didn't pass the board exam, you care about the problem of your friend who can't find a job, you care about the problem of your uncle who was fired in his job. You can feel sorry for them but never try to mix your life with their problems, if they are not asking for your help or advise then stop thinking about their situations because they can solve their problems in their own. You have problems on your own so you better focus on your own life first before trying to help other people, because the truth is... you can never help them if you cannot fix your own life.

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