March 04, 2017


If you want to have an exciting life, a life that is fulfilled satisfactory and very happy then you should find what you really love and make it harder. What do I mean by make it harder? take it to the next level. Do something harder everyday that will make you improve. It is like challenging yourself and doing the things that other people won't do.

If you choose body building, just simply lift weights and make it harder everyday or ever week. Increase your number of repetitions, increase the pounds that you are lifting. It will be a journey to a mastery, you will become happier, you will feel very successful. Every time you level up is a different feeling, you will feel great and confident. You will feel accomplished and sense greatness in your life.

You can do it in anything. Find something that you love and keep making it hard. Make sure that not all people can do what you can do. It is not about proving that you are better than anybody else, it's just doing something hard will somehow make you special and it will create a different kind of level of success in your life.

The more you can do hard things, the more you will standout and attract success. If you can amaze people then they will be interested in your work and might give you some other opportunities that you haven't experience in your life. You will be amazed at how your life changed and the greatest thing is you love what you are doing.

It is very easy, you just need time, patience and consistency. You need to do it everyday, make it special as much as you can and keep growing. It is like watering a plant and supplying it with the right fertilizer, water and sunlight.