March 07, 2017


Have you ever get intimidated to someone or something? did it happen to you when you go to a certain place and you feel somehow intimidated by the people there?

For example, you accidentally enter a shop that is full of expensive things and you feel somehow stunned because you don't have any money to buy those things. Of curse you don't want to get out so fast because you don't want the people to think that you get intimidated and you don't have money to buy some of those things. You don't want to ask the saleslady because she dresses better than you, she looks richer than you.

If you can only be true to yourself and admit that the shop is not for you then just go out and pretend that nothing happened. But if you still want to stay inside of the shop then what you need to do is feel yourself. Define what you are feeling. Is it fear, excitement or simply being intimidated? ask yourself is there really something bad that is going to happen? you need to feel yourself, breathe slowly and convince yourself that it is nothing. You need to feel all of the parts of your body and simply appreciate that you are moving. Don't look, look at yourself and think how luck you are to be still standing and looking at different things.

Remind yourself that nobody is richer than you inside of that room, those sales ladies can't also buy those stuffs. Never care about how they think or how they feel, what matters is you are in control of your emotions. Learn to calm, understand that they don't care about you, they don't think about what you are thinking. You are not in a bad spot and you can take over. You can ask them, enjoy the moment and be yourself every second.

Remind yourself that this life is just a game. They can reject you, they can think of you as poor or trying hard individual but despite of those things... you can always enjoy your life. You can become happy every time you want to.

This can be applied to any stressful situations. This kind of mindset can be used in arguments, panic attacks, emergency situations and any other uncomfortable moments. Just learn to feel yourself, ask yourself why are you feeling the pressure.

You can't think clearly because you let your emotions control you, you can't feel anymore because you don't want to feel. Just feel yourself and embrace the negative feelings in your system. Learn to own your mind, slow down, take a deep breathe and go to the innermost you. Think why you are here, does it really matter if you look bad or you are not doing well? You can own yourself by feeling yourself. Don't let others own you, don't let the situation own you.

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