March 25, 2017


Keep failing, keep trying, keep moving forward. Failure is just disguising, it is not a really a failure. It is just another step for shortening the gap between your situation now and your desired destination.

The more you fail, the more you become closer to winning and that is the reality. All people thinks that constantly and consistently failing means you're a failure. It is not, it is the perspective of failing that will define you, if you think that you are getting better while failing then you are, if you think that you are dumb because you are failing then you are right again.

Some people are ok with failing because they learn something from it, they don't care about what people say, they don't care if their efforts were just wasted, and the truth is... if you think you've learn something from failing then you didn't waste any time or effort at all.

The more you fail, the more you will not feel anything about failing anymore and that will make you invincible, you have nothing to lose... you have everything to gain. You will no longer be afraid of failing because it doesn't make you feel bad anymore, it is just another normal day, if you fail then you learn something, if you win then it is much better. You're always in a win-win situation.

So keep failing and keep moving forward, keep shortening the gap between your situation and your desired destination. Sometimes you will think that nothing is happening and that you need to stop. But don't be fooled by those thoughts. Something is happening while you are failing, you are always improving while you are failing. You are becoming mentally tough, you don't care about your emotions anymore, all you care about is winning and trying for one more time.

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