March 26, 2017


The ultimate key for living and thriving is to enjoy every second. Everything and everyone that causes you pain will become weak if you can enjoy every second, and it is possible.

The moment you feel pain, that is the time you should be aware of enjoying very second. Just entertain thoughts that will make you forget the pain, amuse yourself so that time will run very fast and you will forget the pain that you are experiencing, as simple as that.

The traffic will become weak, it will not cause stress to you anymore if you can enjoy every second of traffic. Just enjoy looking outside of your window, look for some luxury cars. Enjoy the coldness of your aircon, play your favorite music or favorite station. You can forget about time if you can find at least something that will make you a little bit amused. You can even remember the happy moments from the past. Remember what makes you really laugh hard, remember what makes you love hard. It is very easy, you just need to play with your thoughts a little bit.

Your injury will become weak if you can enjoy every second of healing it. Whatever injury you have, you need to enjoy the process so it can heal fast. Your injury will become weak if you can have fun feeling the pain, feel it little by little and laugh at it. Feel the pain in the process of healing, never try to escape it, embrace it and face the pain. Once you get familiar with the pain... you will heal fast and you will never notice that your injury is already gone.

If someone is annoying you, make him feel that you enjoy being annoyed, make him feel that you feel nothing about his stupid antics towards you. Make him feel powerless. Enjoy every second of ignoring the person that is annoying you and he will stop right away.

Just like in any competition, if you can enjoy being dominated then you can dominate everyone too. It is because you will be loose, you will feel that you don't have anything to lose, you are not rushing, you are not getting frustrated. Being calm during adversity will make you do the right thing. It will make you stronger, faster and more effective. Any opponent will become weak if you can enjoy his strikes, trash talking and attack. If you will not be afraid of your opponent's movement and words then you can control him and beat him.

If you can just enjoy any tough situations then nothing or no one can control you. If you can control your own emotions and still be appreciative to anything that is happening then you will never be stressed. It is all about mind conditioning, it is all about changing your perspective.

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