March 02, 2017


You can use emotion to become successful, people move because they want to achieve a certain emotion. When you have a dream, it is not the dream itself that makes you move to achieve it, it is the emotion to get it, the burning desire. You want to get that dream not because of the dream itself, it is because you think you will become happy once you succeed. You want people to see that you are good because you are so happy being the man whose people look up to and that is why you wanted to become so successful, you wanted to get the emotion that success gives.

Make emotions as your guide to become successful. Find what is it that makes you happy and do it everyday, do it until it gives you success.  Happiness is the right path, you can work for a long period of time if you really love your work. If you are passionate about something then you will become successful at it for sure. Good emotion can lead you to the right direction.

If you are angry with your life, you can use that emotion too to become successful. Become sick and tired of your mediocre and old life. Use that anger to make you move, that anger will turn into desire. Use that anger to do impossible things that will put you to the top.

If you are motivated and driven then you can do anything because you will simply do it no matter what. Even if it is hard, once you are motivated... you will still do it. That is the power of emotion, it can make you do unimaginable things.

You can use anger, you can use joy. Any emotion can be directed to a positive action. But always be careful because while emotion can make you successful, it can also make you fail. If you get too emotional and you let your emotions control you... you're in big trouble.