March 25, 2017


Yeah, it is hard, I know it is hard, everybody knows it's hard... but it is still doable, it can be done, you can still reach the finish line. You can push a little inch, you can move forward even if you are slow and dying.

If you think that you can do it then why are you worrying about the difficulty? why are you worrying if you can make it or not?

Facing difficulty is granted, it will happen anywhere or anytime. But that doesn't mean you have to stop, that doesn't mean you have to go back and do some other things that are easier but less rewarding.

Don't worry about the difficult steps and challenges, don't worry about how long will it take to get there. Worry about your tenacity, worry about your will, are you decided that you are going to do it despite of those huge obstacles? are you sure you are going to put an effort to make it to the top?

You can't make things easier because you are so worried about the difficulty, you are so worried about suffering. The one thing you should worry about is do you want it or not? Are you willing to face all the challenges or not? if the answer is yes then stop thinking about anything else and keep moving.

If you are tenacious enough and is 100 percent decided that you are going to do it then for sure you will succeed. You will not care if it is hard or easy, you will not care if you still need to travel a very long road just to get there.

So never look for an easy road, never check your situation if you are suffering or not, just check your mindset. Check your will if it is already weak and make it strong by taking small steps to forge some progress. You should strengthen your willpower every now and then and you can do it by entertaining thoughts that will empower you, never accept negative thoughts from other people... ever.

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