March 01, 2017


You always think about changing the past because today you just think about some better ideas that you could have done.

You think about changing your speech in public speaking because there are some words that has enter your mind today and you think that if you said it in front of the public they will recognize you even more, you think that their claps will become even louder. But what can you do? time machine is not yet invented nowadays. You can't change what has been done. All you can do is grow today, practice more and become your best version so next time you speak in public... you will look better. It is ok if you bum yesterday and look stupid, it is past, it cannot be changed, no one remembers it so move on and look for a better tomorrow.

You think about what if you treat your partner better yesterday. You think about if you are sweeter and nicer yesterday then your partner will never leave you. But what can you do? she is married now, she has children now, she is no longer thinking about you. Stop thinking about changing yesterday because there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is do something productive and stop being stuck in the past.

What is done is done, if you keep on wishing to change your failures then you will miss the opportunity that is knocking on your door right now. There are more better things to come if you will simply move on and stop thinking about the past. Have no regrets in life even if you made some mistakes that you can correct easily if you only think the right way. Everybody makes mistakes, you're just a human. Don't be hard on yourself and leave the bad memories from the past.

You only have the right to think about changing something if you can still change it but of not... forget about it and try to make your life happier by engaging on activities that you have total control.

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