March 02, 2017


To all the guys out there who wants an easy life, if you want to escape the hardship of life and the only way you can think of is marrying a rich girl... you better not do it because you will only regret it in the end.You think that you can become rich too by marrying a rich woman huh? you better think again. Don't let your laziness become the reason for that decision, you can become rich too without using another person. Just work hard and do it your way.

I have a friend who married a rich woman because the woman is rich. He thinks that he can be happy but what is waiting for him is misery. Of course his main objective is to have an easy life, he wants to be rich too but not so fast brother... there is a different life waiting for you.

The family of the girl that he is suppose to married doesn't like him, they are treating him like a bitch. They are not treating him nice, they were not supportive of their marriage.

And when they got married an have their own family, they live in the house of the girl's parents and of course he doesn't have any control in that house, he doesn't have any power. He feels like someone is strangling him because he cannot make decisions for his family. That is what he get for expecting an easy life. He thinks that he will just lie down on his bed and count money but things go different and he was so sick and tired of his life. But he has no choice but to follow, he can't provide for his family so all he can do is follow commands from his in-laws. He was even forced to do a job that he didn't like, the job was given to him by the girl's parents too. He has no freedom, he has no power, nothing at all.

That is what you will get for marrying a woman who is rich and your objective is to have a share of her wealth. You will be humiliated, they will hurt your pride. You will have no power and they will control you. But what you can do? you already gave your power to them from the beginning by expecting that they will make your life easy. The lesson is don't look for someone who will make your life easier, work hard for yourself and that is the only way to make your life easier than before... never trust on someone's power, trust your own power.

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