March 28, 2017


You can be yourself, you can do what you want, you can say what you want and try to inspire a lot of people but don't ever force them to be like you.

Yeah, maybe you are right, maybe you are doing well in life but that doesn't mean you already have the right to tell and force other people what they need to do. Because at the end of the day... you're just a human, you're still human and you can also create mistakes. Just because you are doing well in life doesn't mean you already have the right to belittle people and tell them that you are right and they are wrong. Just because you are earning a lot of money doesn't mean you are perfect and other people are broke.

I know that your intention is good and you are trying to help them but the more you force them to be like you and tell them to do all of the things that you are doing... the more you are making life difficult for them. They will just get mad, they will not understand you. They will even laugh at you and you will look like a fool in the end.

Let them ask for your help naturally. If they come at you and ask information about what you're doing then it is the perfect time to help them and give advise. But if you're always annoying them and forcing them to hear what you know then they will never listen and will not absorb any of your teachings.

They were already grown man, they have strategies on their own. And sometimes, you may think that they are not doing good but don't be surprised if one day they are doing better than you. Everyone has his own timing, just because someone is not doing well now doesn't mean he will not do well forever.

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