March 25, 2017


Strike while the iron is hot, if you're hot keep being hot and keep doing what makes you thrive. A lot of players will not shoot the ball anymore once they feel like they've already shoot a lot of buckets. They will pass the ball to their teammates because they don't want to be labelled as selfish. It is wrong because feeling hot and having a very strong momentum and confidence will not visit your system everyday. It only comes once in a while so once you feel it... grab it, stay hot, keep shooting, keep succeeding.

Don't worry about them if they call you selfish. Don't worry about them because they can't feel what you feel. It is not your problem if they can't experience what you are experiencing right now, it is not your problem if they are not thriving in life. All you can do is enjoy yourself and enjoy getting results. Because your fire can die anytime soon and if you will not make the best out of it then you just wasted it.

You can feel it if you're hot, you can feel it if you feel unstoppable and very confident. You know it in yourself, there will be times when you feel you can do everything and that feeling doesn't always come so once you feel it... live with it and enjoy it, do everything to sustain it but don't feel bad once it is gone.

Any people can feel hot, anyone can have that tremendous and unexplainable feeling, if you can feel it now... you should use it very well and do awesome things because if you don't do anything from it... chances are you will never feel it again.

Try to make your fire hotter, try to make your body steam, try to make it bigger. Use it to your advantage, use it to succeed.

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