March 20, 2017


Your habits is your reality, whether you admit it or not, even if you pretend that you're a good person and you are working hard... if you can't make results then it means you have the wrong habits in life.

So if you want a change, if you want to make a different result then you must change your habits now, do something different, do something that will give you a better chance to succeed. Habit is not only about actions, it is also has something to do with your thoughts. So if you have the wrong habits in thinking then you must learn how to manipulate your thoughts and create some new patterns. Because if you will keep on entertaining your old thoughts then you will get the same mediocre results over and over again.

It is time to live a new life and it can only be achieved if you will change your habits. Look at your life, make an assessment, be honest with yourself. Watch how you live your day, study the thoughts that are running inside of your head. Look for your oldest running habit and change it.

If you are watching TV for more than 8 hours a day... change it, if you can't remove it then at least decrease the number of hours for watching TV. Replace it with a more productive activity like reading books, building an online business or doing an exercise, there are millions of productive activities that will give you reward in the end, all you have to do is choose one and do it forever. It is hard but if you were able to replace your strongest bad habit with a more productive one... you will have a happier and more meaningful life. I know it is hard but it is possible. It is just a matter of being happy with being uncomfortable and making a commitment to replace your old habit with a new and more productive one.

You only need at least a month to change your life, force yourself if you really want to get different results, be consistent and never make excuses. The process is simple and easy but it is uncomfortable, the only question is... are you willing to stay comfortable and live a miserable life or are you willing to embrace the discomfort at the moment and live a happier and more satisfying life?

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