March 20, 2017


Whatever big goal you have, whatever dreams you have... you have to do it now while your life is still normal, while fortune is still on your side and you have a lot of resources in life. Do it quick, do it fast, never hesitate and never look back.

Because you never know... I am not thinking negative, I am just telling some possibilities and reality. One day you might impregnate a woman or a family member got sick and you need to contribute big. If some unexpected event happened... you will have less time for your dreams. Your will be veered off from your original path and you will be forced to do other things that is not on your original plan.

A lot of people have big dreams but because they already have big responsibilities... they can't pursue their dream anymore, they were so focused on earning money to provide for their family and that is why they don't have time for their dreams anymore, they totally forget it and live the reality.

So while your life is still normal and you fully own your time... act now, pursue your dreams. Do what you wanted to do while there is no obstacles yet in your life. Never relax and think that everything will be alright and nothing will change. Life is very random, unexpected events may happen and if you are not ready for it... you will be in complete shock, you will panic and you will lose focus in your dreams.

It is better to act while your life is still comfortable than to act under pressure. You will become more creative if you are not panicking and less pressure on your shoulders. Don't ever think that you have a lot of time and you can relax for a moment because time is so fast. Yesterday you were just an elementary cry baby and look at you now... you're already a grown man ready to rule the world.

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