March 25, 2017


If you feel uncomfortable now, don't make it a big deal because after it is comfort. You will feel very comfortable because you will get the price for enduring it.

If your situation now as really uncomfortable because you are just starting your journey and it feels like you've been working so hard but nothing is happening... don't feel bad. Your discomfort will turn into comfort later. You will reap the rewards of your effort in the end. You will soon realize that if you didn't face all the discomforts in your life then you will not achieve anything.

All the uncomfortable situation does is make you stronger and better. Your patience will become stronger, your endurance will become longer. You will be able to withstand any hardships in life because any discomfort cannot harm you anymore because you are so familiar with it.

Just like in lifting weights, it is uncomfortable, it is stressful but once you mastered the discomfort... you will become really powerful, you muscles will grow, you will become better than yesterday. You will achieve the looks and strength that you are aiming for, you will feel uncomfortable in the end.

Discomfort is just a success disguising in stress. It is not there to make you suffer, it is there to show you what you want, it is there to give you a better life in the future. So if you are struggling now and experiencing a lot of negative emotions... always remember that it is not permanent, it is only temporary. Embrace the pain now and wait until your life become better again, wait until your situation become comfortable again.

All you have to do is feel ok not being ok, feel comfortable in uncomfortable situation. Endure everything, any negative emotion will never last.

It is just an emotion, it is only a feeling, if it will not kill you... it will make you stronger.

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