March 23, 2017


You wanted to be good at something... do it everyday, do it consistently and never stop.  That is the only way to be great, that is the only way to become a guru. It doesn't matter if you know less. You will know a lot of you keep doing it, the right information will come, your knowledge will expand, you will become a new person.

You will be able to create your own technique, a technique that is originally yours and doesn't come from someone's teachings. It comes from your hardwork, it was built naturally through your persistence and determination. Through repetition you will discover something that not a lot of people know, you will create an idea that is truly yours and can make a huge contribution to the society, an idea that can help them and improve their situation.

All the techniques that you've seen before were just created by humans like you who works so hard and dedicate themselves for something. They discover it by constantly trying and trying until they discover something that will be very useful, something that is effective and can make a work easier and fun.

So don't worry if you don't have any technique as of now, you will discover it later, there is a technique waiting for you to be explored and owned. An idea that will be owned by you hasn't been exposed yet so it is your job to expose it and show it to the world. Just keep working hard and have the faith that you will gain the knowledge to become successful. It is all about having fun while improving everyday, you will grow if you are consistent so don't ever stop and just keep making little progress everyday. The longer you do the work, the faster you will discover your own technique.

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