March 22, 2017


Treat everything as neutral, treat everything as not of a big deal. This kind of approach will make your life easier, it will make you succeed fast and avoid the big obstacles along the way. Everything is nothing and it really is. If it doesn't help you, it is nothing, don't ever think about it, don't ever give it an attention. It is nothing but a time waster so don't ever give time for it.

If someone treats you bad... consider it as nothing, you have a goal and you don't need to engage in battles that will only slow you down and give you problems. It is nothing, you are still alive, nothing bad happens to you. If someone say foul words to you... it is nothing, you are not physically injured, you didn't bleed so keep going and put yourself back in the right direction.

Remember that everything is nothing, it will only become evident if it will help you to succeed. If any thought, opinions, treatment, event, happenings etc. doesn't help you then it is nothing.

If you are tired it is nothing, don't make it a big deal. Everyone gets tired, being tired doesn't mean you can't keep going. Being tired means you just need to take a deep breathe, rest if you must and then continue. Being tired is just a feeling, it is an indication that you must pause for a while and experience life. Sometimes being tired is a signal to appreciate life even more by resting, breathing and spending time with the people that matters to you the most.

Win or lose, it is nothing. If you lost, it is nothing, you can try again, you can do better next time, there is always another opportunity to win. Losing is not a big deal, it is part of life, everybody can lose, everybody is losing. Same as if you win, it is nothing too, it is just another day. Don't celebrate too much if you win because it will make your head grow big, it will make you lazy because you think you already succeeded. Just celebrate for a short time and go back grinding again.

If you feel stressed or pressured, it is nothing. It is just a feeling, it will be gone in a while, don't fight it, don't get mad or feel bad about it. It is just a feeling and always remember that you can control your emotions, the more you focus on it the more it will become painful. So treat it as nothing and remain calm, that negative emotion will pass, it is not forever.

If you want to work hard and pursue your dreams, go ahead. But if you fail, don't ever get hard on yourself, remember that everything is nothing and you can't bring anything with you if you die so don't ever feel bad if you can't get everything you want. You came from nothing and you will end with nothing so don't put too much pressure on yourself, don't feel bad when everything is going wrong. Just appreciate life because soon your life will be nothing, enjoy it while you still have it.

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