March 02, 2017


If you want to be liked, if you want to be appreciated... you have to connect with yourself first and let them connect with you.

You have to know yourself deeply, you have to know who you really are and what are the things you love and love to do. You have to know yourself very well and see your weaknesses and strengths. You have to know what angers you and what makes you happy, you have to know your condition and what are your dreams and ambitions. Basically, you have to know everything about you physically and mentally. You have to appreciate everything about you from worst to best.

Because if you can connect with yourself and know yourself very well... that is the only time when people will like everything about you. If you know who you really are and how your mind and body operates then they will understand you even more and will accept you for who you are.

Because if you don't know yourself and you are so confused about your identity... people will also be confused at you. They have no idea how to treat you, they have no idea how to talk to you. And mostly, they will not be interested at you.

You know who you are if you are so natural, if you are not pushing so hard just to be liked, if you're actions and behaviors were all genuine and authentic. Because you feel that you don't need to prove yourself anymore or please people, you're just simply happy being yourself and you don't need anything else more than that.

Take singers as a good example, there are some singers that have really good voice but they don't know who they are. They have high pitch voices but they can't connect with themselves that is why they can't connect with the audience. They were trying so hard to please people, they can't find their true emotions, they simply can't nail it because they are not happy being themselves, they don't know their true identity because they were so focused on connecting with the audience and how to make them happy. They don't establish a good connection with themselves that is why they perform lesser than their true capabilities.

But there are some really good singers who doesn't have a high quality voice but can make a night alive because they can connect with themselves. They can show their emotions, they were so happy being on the stage and that is why people can connect with them easily. They were so genuine, they were not trying hard, everything looks so natural. They were not imitating, they are just being themselves and letting the moment happen naturally. They don't even need to do some fancy movements, all they need to do is give their best and that's it... people will clap at them. People will give them standing ovation.

You will have a hard time connecting with yourself if you are living with other people's expectations. You have to satisfy yourself first before thinking about them. You have to follow what your heart is saying and never be afraid to express your true emotions. You don't need to expect that they will like you. Some people will like you, some people will not, even if you are the best in the world.

Know yourself very well, study how you feel, study everything about you, study what makes you happy, connect with yourself first and allow them to connect with you.

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