March 02, 2017


This is one way to beat laziness and force yourself to take actions... command your hands and feet to move.

The moment you think about commanding them, you were already entering a state where you need to take actions. You're already on the first step, you're already on the right frame of mind. So the next step is to command them and make them move. Because the first parts of your body that you need to use are your hands and feet. If you can talk to them and tell them to move then you will be able to start fast and finish strong.

If you're at your bed and you already need to stand up, of course you still want to daydream and savor your soft bedsheet. Look at your feet and talk to them on your mind, tell them to move. Say this "move bitch! move" and once you stand up, you're already on your way for working.

If you're at your desk and you feel lazy, you don't even want to move your mouse and email your boss or clients. Command your hands to move, look at them and talk to them in your brain. Tell them to move and draw the first blood. You will see that they will move and you will be able to start your assignments.

In can also be done in exercise. Of course you feel lazy to move, you feel lazy to stand up. Look at your feet, tell them to move and wear your shoes. You will see that you're already running outside.

This is a simple technique, it is a simple manipulation of your mind. It can be used anytime, anywhere.

Once you feel lazy, look at your hands and feet and tell them to move. Those parts will follow you and will do whatever you want.

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