March 23, 2017


Confidence can go down, it is not permanent. It can go up but it can also go down, it depends on what happens to you. But if you have the not thinking mindset then you will remain in that state forever, you will just do it, you will keep pushing no matter what.

If you will care about your confidence then you will never move if you're not confident, it is simply because you are thinking too much. But if you have the no thinking mindset then you will still do it even if you're not that confident, you will not care if you feel good or not, you feel nothing and that makes you unstoppable.

If you are not thinking you will not care about results, you will not care if you are right or wrong and that will make you invincible.

Some people needs confidence before they act ant that makes them stuck forever. You will only gain confidence through motion and not through reaction. Stop reacting if things doesn't go on your way, stop thinking and start moving.

If you are not thinking then you will not even care if your efforts were wasted, you will just move on to the next stage of your life and find what is possible.

People who relies on confidence were not confident at all, they always wanted to feel good before they do something. If you are not thinking then you can adapt to any environment and make adjustments if needed, you don't need to feel good because you knew it will come in just a matter of time, you knew confidence will be on your side once you start taking actions.

Confidence is overrated, a lot of people thinks they are confident but when storm and chaos touches them... they feel uncomfortable, they freak out.

So if you have to choose a state of mind between confidence and no thinking, always choose the last one. If you are not thinking you can have everything because you will simply keep moving until you find yourself winning.

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