March 31, 2017


Sometimes you will wonder if perseverance really works, you will not know if it is working if you will not check it.

The best way to know it is to test it. Just pick something that you want to make big and make it big until you can. Work on it forever, make it grow, make it stronger. Always remember that you are checking if perseverance works so you don't have the right to complain when things get harder and something went wrong. You need to work for it for a very long time and give your best everyday, even if the difficulty is on a different level.

You cannot quit, you cannot submit. All you can do is move until you succeed. That is the only way to test if perseverance really works.

A lot of people thinks that they are persevering, a lot of them thinks they are working hard and giving their best. But if you will look at their life... they only persevere for a few days or weeks, they can't even persevere for a month. It is funny because perseverance knows no limits, it doesn't know timeline, all it know is you have to work for a long time, you even have to work forever if needed.

Perseverance doesn't necessarily mean you need to suffer, it means you have to keep going regardless of how you feel. You need to persevere if you are happy or sad. You need to take actions and force something to happen and never give up until the end.

Test perseverance and use it and for sure you will love what you will see.

I've been using perseverance for a long time and it gives me the amount of success that I want. I am not good, not skilled, not talented but I am getting what i want because I am always persevering.

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