March 05, 2017


Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not... boring things has more benefits than fun and enjoyable things. It is what it is, if you want to succeed in life then you have to enjoy boredom and not being cool. Because discipline is needed to build habits that is essential for success. Discipline is needed to endure boring things and do it for a very long time. If you have no discipline then you will not be able to do something great.

You don't need discipline in fun activities because you will just do it, there is no resistance in doing it because you already knew that you will feel good once you start doing it. But in boring things... you will still think if you will do it because you don't know if you can finish it or not.

It is more fun to watch TV than to study your lessons, it is more fun to play video games than to do your assignments. But what will give you more benefits? what will give you a chance to have a better life? is it the fun activities or the activities that will even stress you?

It is more fun to eat burgers and pizzas while drinking colas than to run outside and cut your weight but what will give you a more healthy life style? what will make you live longer? you know the answer but you are not doing it, why? because it sucks doing the boring things right?

It is more fun to have an extra sleep than to have extra work but what will give you more money? what will put you in a position to become richer? There is nothing wrong in resting but there is a big difference between resting and enjoying laziness. Rest if you must but don't make it too long, once you fell refreshened... go back to your work right away.

I am nothing against activities that are easier and fun, you also need it but if you really want to become successful then you should know if you are having fun so much because it is not very good to your life, you need a little balance, you need some little pain.

If you can just enjoy boring activities and stay disciplined doing the more important things then you will enjoy a different kind of level of success that not all people can experience.

Successful people are mentally tough, they do what is needed even if it is not so much fun, their greatest skill is how to have fun in doing boring things. They know how to amuse themselves and entertain the right thoughts during pressure and stressful situations.

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