March 29, 2017


If you think that what you're doing is a trash and it is not working... you still have to believe it. Even if it looks uglier than the work of others, even if a lot of people were laughing at it... you still need to believe in your own shit because how can you move forward if you will not believe it? how can you take more actions if you will not believe it?

It is easy to believe in it, just stop listening to other people and start working, keep producing and keep improving, as simple as that. Make more contents, make more ideas. Never mind if you're doing bad or not, never mind if people were laughing at you. Just believe your own shit and never stop until you become successful.

Because if you love what you are doing then that is they key, no need to compare your performance with others, no need to question yourself if you can become successful or not. Just believing your work and loving it is already a success.

A lot of people were really good but they don't believe in their work and ideas that is why they can't reach the top, they always listen to what other people say, they never appreciate their own work and ideas.

Just feeling the love in anything that you do will make you really successful, it is the main ingredient to success. It sounds cheesy but it is the reality. All you need is love, love is all you need and there is no need to worry about anything else. Believe in your own shit and keep doing it until the end.

Because there is no point in doing something if you will not believe in it, believe in it 100.1 percent, believe in it even if no other people believes in it.

One day you will see... you're already successful for just believing it.

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