March 05, 2017


The problem with you is you always believe in what you hear. When someone say it is difficult and even the great ones can't do it so how come you will be able to do it? it is just their opinion, they knew nothing about your heart. They don't know how tough and relentless you are. You didn't see it yourself, you will not know that it is possible unless you try. Go ahead and give yourself a chance, try your best and give everything you've got. Let's see if what they are saying is real.

Stories are just stories, it is nothing but talk. If it has no evidence then it's not real. You should believe in what you saw and not what you hear.

People are very good in making stories just to look that they know something and their advises were good. They will give you some advises which they didn't even try for themselves. They always knew something that they don't even implement in their own lives.

If someone told you that your crush will not date you because she is only dating rich guys... don't believe it. Ask your crush and see if she will give you an attention. If you got rejected then it's fine, at least you know the answer and you are not wondering everyday what could have been. But what if she gives you a chance? you never know, you might have the personalities she is looking for in a guy.

In life, you must see it yourself before believing it. There will be a lot of theories, speculations, gossips about anything and everything. It will scare you, it will make you hesitant. But the only thing you should believe is what you see and not what you hear. You should push the boundaries and see it yourself what is possible.

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