March 04, 2017


Begging is the number one job of lazy people that wants to become poor forever. If you're begging then it means you're weak and you have no room in this world.

If you are begging then you are accepting that you are useless and powerless. You have no pride, you don't trust yourself. It is not that you are not capable or you lack the skills but you are simply lazy and a negative thinker. You think that there is no opportunity waiting for you, you can't find it because you are not looking for it. You want everything to be handed to you for free.

But it's ok, don't worry about it, it's your life and you can live it the way you wanted to live it but don't ever blame other people for your situation. Don't blame the government, your parents, the economy etc. Don't blame anyone because you are the one who choose not to move. You are the one who didn't use your strength to do something about your situation. You are weak and accept it, don't ever make dramas or any diva-like stories just to get sympathy from other people.

I've seen a lot of people who were already old, let's say they're already at their late 70's but they still work hard and hope to become successful at least once in their life. They still grind their ass and provide for their family, some are even disabled but they are not complaining, they are not whining, they do it themselves and they never ask for sympathy. So what is your excuse for not taking actions?. There are people whose situation is worse than you but they are doing better.

You still have chance, just accept that you are stronger than what you think, stop complaining, stop crying like a bitch and think rich.

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