March 28, 2017


There will be times when you think no one is supporting you, even the closest people in your life doesn't care about your dreams and ambitions. You will feel alone, you will feel that there is no helping hand or guidance that will make you stay motivated.

If that's the case, the best thing to do is become your own biggest supporter. Support yourself no matter what. Even if no one is listening at you, even if no one is interested with your dreams... still support yourself. Because it is better to support yourself and believe in yourself rather than contradict your own ideas and believe what other people say.

Just write even if no one wants to read your article or poem, just write and fall in love with your own words, keep writing, keep making art. Just sing even if they say that your voice is ugly, keep singing until you become better and everyone wants to hear your voice. Just keep working even if you're not earning some money, keep grinding and believing until people wants to pay you big.

You need to support your own work and ideas because if not... you will not grow and become better. The only way to become great at something is to fully believe in yourself and 100 percent be in love with your own outputs. if you will criticize your own work then how in the world will you gain some confidence? how will you be able to reach some uncharted heights if from the start you will not believe in yourself?

Other people will support you once you support yourself. You just need a little time to build your audience and make them get interested with your ideas.

If you will not support yourself then no one else will support you.

People will become interested at you if they see that you are serious in your work and you really love what you're doing. There is nothing wrong for being your number one fan, there is nothing wrong for loving yourself.

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