March 31, 2017


Just be simple in doing things, this technique will give you peace, it will give you consistency and sure progress.

Your're thinking hard on how to become rich that is why you've been studying a lot of technical process that is only making your life difficult. Why not simply work hard? choose a specific field and give your life into it, work super hard to the point where you almost die, let's see what will be the result. It is a nice process, yeah, maybe it will take a lot of time but for sure it will work. It is very simple, you don't need to think hard and get yourself lost in the forest. Just simply work hard and give your best and wait for the fruits of your labor.

You've been searching for so long about how to shoot the ball perfectly, you wanted to become a shooter that is why you've been hiring a lot of "super coaches wannabes" they burned your money but you didn't even improve your game, Why not just shoot the ball everyday for a thousand times and let's see what will happen? make it simple, stick to the basics because the basics will give you result, you just need to repeat it over and over again.

You're so stressed when you look at the mirror and see yourself ballooning like an elephant. You hate your fat ass, you hate your belly so you hired a fitness guru, take 12 diet pills a day, buy a very expensive exercise machine that you didn't even touch. You try a lot of things and it just make your situation even worse. You're slowly getting frustrated and you don't know what to do with your life anymore. Why not just walk everyday for a few kilometers and build a habit of eating healthy food, what do you think will happen?

You're thinking too hard that is why your life is getting hard, you are complicating things that's why you're life is complicated. Just stick with the basics and take consistent action if you want to produce sure results.

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