March 28, 2017


Being an old school thinker will make your life easier. It will remove complications in your life, you will become a single minded person, your thoughts will not be crowded and your life will be in a very good direction.

You just do it. You have an assignment... you do it. You need to exercise... you do it. You just do the most basic things and you do it until you finish or succeed. Not too much thinking or analyzing is needed, you just do what you needed to do. Enough of the talking, enough of the negotiations... you just make results the simplest way.

Because you can do more, you can do a lot and you can do fast if you will not get fancy and complicate things. You can be more and grow more if you will not focus on making it perfect and fantastic. Just do what you know and use what you know, if it is making results then it is right.

If you told yourself that you will do it today, if you set a specific number, time and place... do it. Be an old school thinker who will not think about complications and any other directions. You just do it no matter what, do it without conscience.

A lot of people think that they were smart, that they were better than any body else but they can't even make decisions and execute the right actions. They keep things hanging on the air, they never make progress, all they do is talk about their dreams, plans and how good they were. They never accomplish a single thing.

Qualities of an old school thinker:

• will trust his process and keep doing his own process
• always consistent and progressing
• will just do it no matter what, doesn't think about if it is right or not, he will just do it
• always making results
• never hesitant, he hates "paralysis analysis"
• doesn't care about other techniques, he stick with the basics
• always winning because he is always moving

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