March 20, 2017


If you wanted to be great, if you wanted to be a king... you can feel it in one day. You can be a king in any place. You can be a king at your work place, at home, at school or even at your own room. All you need to do is give your very best, never hold back and work the hardest.

Outwork everyone, produce the highest number of production, never rest, never stop and you will feel like a king, you will feel greatness, you will feel something like you never felt before.

Because you can only feel greatness if you don't care about the people around you and you keep pushing yourself until you can't push anymore. Forget about the pain, forget about being tired. Just keep going until you can't go anymore. You will only become proud of yourself and feel like a king if you can look at yourself in the mirror and you can honestly say to yourself that you give everything you've got.

A lot of people have so much strength but they are not using it because they focus on their weakness, they have so much talents but they were too lazy, they have so much support but that support made them soft, they have a lot of opportunities around them but they can't devour those opportunities. And when everything is all said and done... they will make a lot of excuses that is why they don't succeed.

You don't need to explain yourself if you give everything you've got, you don't need to make a lot of excuses, you don't even need to prove them and convince them that you gave your best. If you fail then so what, at least you use all of you strength and you never take any second for granted... you will never feel any regrets in your life.

You will feel a king if you use all of your strength and never reserve anything for the next moment.

Once you feel it in one day, you can feel it on the next day and so on. Your habit of working and feeling like a king will be build and you can feel it forever. So do your very best now and use all of your strength to accomplish something, work like a king and feel like a king.

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