March 04, 2017


It is better to be quiet and show your greatness through actions rather than talking a lot but you can't prove anything. There are lot of people who all do is talk but when proving is needed to be done... they can't prove anything, there were purely full of talk, they can't take actions, they can't prove themselves. They were full of shits and arrogance,

Sometimes arrogant people use talking as their defense mechanism, they use it so people will be scared of them and they will get some respect. But the bad thing is... it will only have an effect for a very short time, the moment they discover that you are all talk... they will never trust you next time. They will even laugh at you if you act like great next time.

Don't talk about your goals, don't talk about what will you do because people will wait if you can really do it. There will be more pressure on your side. If there are lot of expectations there will be a lot of pressure.

It is better to be humble and just be proud when you already get the job done. People will admire you more if you will just show results and stop being arrogant. It is better to walk more than to talk more.

There will be more distractions if you will talk about what you will do, people will ask you how is it going, people will mock you if you are not progressing, there will be more pressure that you will experience.

Just keep quiet and surprise them once you are done. Work quietly so you can become more focused to your goals.

A lot of people who talks a lot never made it, while there are very few who can back up their words.. bust most people who talk a lot end up failing and looking like a fraud. Just keep quiet so it will look like you have nothing to prove. Keep quiet so you will have no chip on your shoulders.

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