March 09, 2017


No matter how hard you deny it, even if you don't admit it and explain your side... there are still some things or people that are controlling you. You must be aware of it and try to make adjustments so that you will have full authority in your life. If someone is controlling you then it will be harder for you to get your dreams, it will be harder for you to succeed. You must be the one controlling everything in your life because you own it and no one has the right to dictate what you are going to do.

The television, commercials and media are controlling you. You just don't know it, you hate to admit it but the truth is those shits are controlling your life. Those commercials made you buy products that are only destroying your body. The infomercials that are promoting their products and telling you buy one take one offers were just making you poor, you buy those things even if you don't need them. Your mind was programmed by their advertisements and you can't stop yourself from purchasing things that you will not even use.

The commercial of foods makes you crave, those burgers, fries and softdrinks... you know it will destroy your body but you still patronize them. There is nothing wrong if you will just eat those foods once or even twice a month but you eat them everyday. You start to develop a very ugly diet because of those commercials that triggers your brain.

How about the news? it instill a lot of negative stuffs to your brain yet you are not aware of it. You are starting to become negative because of the news, your daily life was influenced by the news. The news about traffic, crimes, newly found disease etc. It starts to scare you and most of your stories comes from the news that you heard yesterday. You talk to your mom about the news, you talk to your office mates and friends about the news. Your mind is poisoned by the news and you are not aware of it.

The television itself is controlling you, you are not aware that you are spending multiple hours everyday watching shits that will not even make your life better. You thought that a discovery channel or some kind of a food and animal channel will change your life? if it can change your life then why are you not changing? there is nothing wrong in watching television but if you spend most of your hours using it then there is already something wrong with you. You will become unproductive and obese because of your lack of activity.

Your boss is controlling you. He is asking you to do this and do that even if it is not part of your job. You are scared because if you didn't follow him then you might lose your job. And that fear itself controls you, your boss has the more authority in your life. You can't go with your family and friends anymore because all of your time is eaten by your work. It is time to do something about it, it is time to take control of your own life and don't let anyone dictate what you need to do with your time.

Your own mind is controlling you. You want to do something but you can't do it, it feels like something is stopping you. You are having a hard time to take the first step, it only means you are being controlled by your mind. You are doing something but you know you don't need to do it, it becomes your habit to do stupid things that will not even contribute to your life. You know that it is bad but you still do it, again you are being controlled by your mind.

There are lot of things that are controlling your life, you are being manipulated... you just don't know it or you hate to admit it. If your life is slowly getting uglier then it means something or someone is controlling you, you need to find what is it and do something about it.

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