March 02, 2017


If you have to associate yourself with someone, let's say a partner, a friend, a sparring partner, a business partner or anyone that will make a synergy with you to produce something great... look for a person that stays with the process and will never give up until both of you become successful.

A person who stays with the process will stay with you forever because the process itself is happiness for him. He will not be demanding, he will not make life difficult for the both of you, he will simply enjoy the ride and he already knew that both of you will become successful. All he thinks that you need to do is commit to the journey and do your very best and that's it.

Some people will only stay with you in the beginning while everything else is still fine but when the rough road is already there and both of you needed to pass it... they will leave you, they will quit. All they want is an easy path, they don't want the hard way.

A person's loyalty will be tested by struggle and adversity, if a person is only kind to you because he is getting something from you, you better stay away with that person because he is fake and you can't trust him during tough times.

A person who stays with the process will always be at your side, he knew it is a journey and it is normal to have tough times and challenges. He knew that it is all about weathering the storm and everything will be fine again. He will help you with his very best and of course you will also do the same to him. Both of you will push each other to the top. He will stay committed, he will work until the end and he will never ever leave you when things are not going well.

A person who stays with the process has a very strong endurance and will not give up easily.

He will find ways to fix something if it is broken, he will find ways to make both of your situation better. He knew it is a grind, he is willing to take it step by step. He is very patient and he will outlast everyone.

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