March 30, 2017


If you are angry because you've been defeated by an opponent that is no better than you... use that anger to become stronger, use that anger to train hard, use it to prepare long and become the best person that you can ever be. Use that anger as a your fuel for your motivation. Use that anger to make a comeback and take that victory back again.

If you are happy and excited... use that excitement to attract more success in life. Use that excitement to become successful. Become excited more to build a business and make it grow. Become excited to build your new life, a life that is very different from the past. Use that excitement to work harder than yesterday, use that happiness to stay longer at work. If you are always happy then you can do things faster and better.

If you are sad, use that emotion to create arts, use that emotion to create outputs that was never seen before. Stay on that sadness until you become happy. Use it to become a very good artist. A lot of good artists were depressed and they use that depression to create masterpieces. You can do that too, you will be more creative if you use that sadness in the right way.

If you are scared then use that fear to work harder. Use that fear to force yourself to just move so you will not experience what you don't want to experience. For example, you don't want to get broke, use that fear of getting broke to work super hard and earn a lot of money. If you don't want to fail in your exam, use that fear of failing to make you force yourself to study your lessons.

You can use any kind of emotion to get what you want, emotions is a good medium to force yourself to take actions. You just need to channel it in the right way.

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