March 01, 2017


When you're already at the top, when you already have the money, success, fame and any other things that everyone wish to have... you still have to do something challenging. Because that will give you balance, it will make put you back to reality and make the right decisions in life.

That is why a lot of successful people were still addicted to challenge, because if they are not challenging themselves anymore... they will lose the fire and momentum, there are big chances that they will become a failure again.

There are some people who just tasted a little success and already felt that they were the king of the world. They never work anymore, they never aspire to grow and look where they are now... they go back being broke, weak and out of sync. They were completely lost, desperate and full of regrets. Some people who already tasted success becomes addicted to gambling, partying, shopping, alcohol and any other instant pleasures that makes them broke and lost.

It's a requirement to always challenge yourself if you want to stay on top. Yes sometimes it is stressful and you might think that you don't need to do such things anymore but the reality is you still need to move and make progress. Because your life will be completely lost if you are not seeing yourself growing, you will feel weak, tired and bored.

And it is more fun to challenge yourself once you experience some success because less pressure will be felt by you. You will never feel high pressure because you got nothing to prove anymore. Just challenge yourself to have more fun in life and see what is still possible to achieve. Constantly challenging yourself will make you strong, it will make you immune to depression because you are still feeling the motivation, you are still struggling and there is still something to work for.

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