March 28, 2017


A lot of people crumble when they feel fear, their brain shifts into an auto pilot mode and the worse is... that auto pilot mode is controlled by fear. They let the fear get the best of them, they never decide, think and react on their own.. they let the fear control the whole situation. And the result is... they never get the result that they want, they always attract problems and bad instances.

The moment you get scared all you have to do is slow down, breathe and stay relax as much as you can. Don't panic, don't rush, just slow down and everything will be alright. You have to move and think in a slow motion, make it slow as much as you can. Forget about the people around you, forget about the situation pressuring you... just take it slow and take your time.

Look at the people who were controlled by fear... they want to escape the situation right away, they were like fish caught in a net. Their body language were so ugly, they were moving awkwardly, the tone of their voice is not natural, it seems like the sound of their voice is controlled by fear. You can feel that they are really scared, they are not acting naturally, they look very awkward, they are not being themselves. And once you are not being yourself... you're in big trouble, you will make mistakes, you will not be able to execute the right action.

When I was driving 5 years ago, I was really scared, I don't know what am I being scared about. I was caught by the traffic enforcers violating some traffic rules that I didn't even know, it is because I am not aware of the surroundings, traffic signs etc. I was controlled by my fear. I am not thinking clearly, I made decisions that puts me in a bad position. the funnier thing is... I already knew where to go and where to pass but I am still getting lost because of the lack of focus. I am always rushing, I am always panicking that is why I always get stressed everytime I will go somewhere driving my car. I was scared with the other vehicles around me, I was scared of the traffic enforcers, tricky traffic signs, etc. That is why I always make mistakes and get lost a lot.

But now, I've learned that all I need to do is slow down. The moment I am slowing down, I was able to relax and make the right decisions, my mind is thinking clearly and I never get lost again. I am beginning to enjoy driving unlike before that all I feel is fear and anxiety. When I slow down, the vehicles around me cannot affect me, even if I am changing from lane to another lane... I feel untouchable and always right. I was never afraid if anything anymore, I begin to read traffic signs correctly, I was not intimidated by any traffic enforcer anymore.

In any kind of situation... if you feel fear, all you need to do is slow down. If you feel the pressure or if someone or something is pressuring you... just relax, move in a slow motion. Never panic, never rush because it will only add pressure in you.

Just stay with the moment, don't move if you needed to. Never try to escape the situation because you will only make mistakes by doing it. Embrace the discomfort by breathing and being yourself. Fear will soon go away because you are showing poise and grace. You can find your own rhythm in a moment. Even if you commit a mistake or you get lost... just learn how to calm down because everything will be alright. Treat pressure like a bitch, it is nothing and it can't affect anything.

Because you will only be able to feel life if you are slowing down and not rushing. You will only be able to use your mind and body effectively if you are living with the moment. There is no need to rush, you don't need to look for immediate answers and solutions right away, it will come to you if you are confident that it will come.

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