March 02, 2017


If you think that your skills are not enough to get the job done, if you think your skills are not on the right level yet to compete... don't worry, if you can make adjustments then you will be fine, you can still win and you can still thrive.

Having the ability to improvise is a one great useful skill that you must develop in order to cope in life or even to thrive in any situation. If you can improvise then you will not worry about what is lacking in your life, you will just do it and let your instincts guide you.

You will know what to do if you know what you want. You will be able to do things that you don't usually do. You will be even amazed at yourself because you were able to execute actions that you thought were impossible.

Just always think about what you want even in difficult situation, relax and you will come up with different solutions that will make you successful. Don't worry about not knowing this or not knowing that. Just focus on what is giving you little results and keep doing it. If there is no progress anymore, the next step will be unfold naturally.

Always adjust if nothing is happening to what you are doing. It doesn't matter if you don't know what to do, what matters is you make adjustments to get a different result. Improvisation is far better than stagnation. Just do what you think is effective and execute right away. Never hold yourself back, never be scared to try. You are always free to try something else. Trying is never a sin. You can become creative, you can become resourceful. Just make little adjustments so that you can alter the situation and create a different momentum.

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