March 22, 2017


This is a pattern that is really great and for sure you will attain success by doing it. It will also make you enjoy the journey even more and make things smoother than expected.

All you have to do is take actions and then ignore and then take actions and then ignore again. Let the cycle continue as long as it can continue.

Take actions then ignore other people's opinions. Because every movement that you made, for sure people will have something to say at you. And if you listen to them, you will lose focus, you will never attain what are you trying to attain, listening to them is just a waste of time and energy so once you finished something... ignore all the words that you hear from other people may it be good or bad. Make it a habit to stop thinking about what other people might say for the actions that you've done.

If you need to rest then rest but don't ever use your time in resting for knowing what other people are thinking of you. Rest with peace of mind, don't rest in war.

Take action again then ignore the negative thoughts inside of your head that you can't do it, that you are tired, that you can't move anymore. Ignore all of the thoughts that are making you quit. Ignore all the ideas of going back and doing other things that are more comfortable, you're almost there. Just ignore what doesn't motivate you. Keep repeating the process... action, ignore, action and ignore.

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