March 29, 2017


It's like you know what you are doing and it is part of your play. It is like you didn't do something wrong and you are still in control.

In whatever you are doing... if there is a pressure that is  playing around... you need to act like you're invincible and in full control. Because if you will let people know that you made a mistake then it's game over, you're already a failure. You will lost your momentum and you will even make multiple mistakes.

Just play it cool, just act like everything is alright and there are no mistakes that are happening. If people can still feel that you are confident and you are not crumbling then your momentum will never change, you will still be in 100 percent control and people will still believe in you.

A lot of professional entertainers are committing mistakes on the big stage but they don't let people see it so they still look cool, great and doing right. They don't let a simple mistake ruin their presentation, they can always remain calm under pressure, they never crumble because they knew that feeling nervous will just make them look stupid.

Always have fun, forget about the mistake you did right away and keep your focus strong. It is normal to make mistakes so don't ever make it a big deal, ignore it and keep doing your thing. If someone ask you if you commit a mistake... tell them that it is just part of your presentation and simply smile, act as if nothing happen.

Because the moment you focus on your simple mistake then it will multiply, you will commit another mistake for sure and you will look like an amateur who is not prepared.

Keep in mind that the show must go on and you need to give your best every single second even if your presentation is not perfect anymore.

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