March 31, 2017


It is always ok to be slow, it is ok to live with your own pace, own speed and own timing. You don't need to compete with fast people, you don't need to compare your rate of speed with them. You have your own speed, enjoy it and never rush.

If they are getting rich fast so what, if they are making it in life fast, so what. The most important thing is you are also moving and you are progressing day by day, little by little  inch by inch, you will get it no matter what. Life is not a race, it is a marathon.

Patience is a virtue, you can have anything if you are willing to work hard while waiting. Your time will come so don't ever rush, success is already guaranteed if you are taking actions everyday. You don't need to catch them, you don't need to run after them, just run your own pace and keep moving forward.

People who get it fast usually fall fast too, it is because they don't have the strong foundation to sustain their success. If you are taking your time and patiently building your own empire then you will have a strong foundation that will never be broken by anything or anyone. Your foundation will be indestructible because you give a lot of time for it, the right details were there, the right strength is there to last for a very long time.

If you are slow and it seems like they were so ahead of you... don't think about it. Your focus is not to race with them, your focus is to become successful in the long run. It is ok to be slow for as long as you're doing everything to improve everyday. Just trust the process and little by little you will get everything you want.

March 31, 2017


People thinks that they are not free to do anything, they think that they have limits, they are holding themselves back and they are not even trying even if they want something.

If you think that you are limited and you want to become free then start taking actions and don't stop. The more you take actions, the more you will feel free, the more you will discover that no one or nothing can stop you. Just pull the trigger and never feel any regrets for doing something.

People were so conservative, they want to do something but they feel that it is not the right thing to do, they feel that they don't have the right to do it, they feel that they don't deserve it. If you have doubts in yourself and you want to erase those fears then you should start taking actions and never stop. Go full speed ahead and make a history.

Taking massive actions will make you forget that you area chained, it will make you forget about your inadequacy, flaws, shortcomings, lack of skills, lack of talent or even lack of support. Just purely taking actions will make you disciplined, it will give you confidence, it will give you freedom and the courage to keep doing what you are doing.

Even if someone is disturbing you or contradicting you... just keep moving, the more yo move, the more you will not notice them, you will feel like they are just a small dirt that doesn't even matter.

The more you take actions, the more you will get addicted to actions. You will feel unstoppable, you will feel invincible. You will be addicted to motions and momentum which is a good thing.

Success will be achieved so fast, you will not see any obstacles on your way. So keep taking actions, keep enjoying your freedom.

March 31, 2017


All you need to do is build your own ladder and keep climbing. What I mean is you need to find a way, you need to create your own path and keep moving forward.

If you will not build your own ladder, if you will not create your own means of being successful then somebody will give you a ladder that will not even reach half of your dreams. They will give you a short ladder that is not capable of giving you what you want.

Build your own ladder no matter how ugly your ladder looks, at least it is your own ladder and no one knows how high can it reach. You are the only one who knows how high can it reach. You build it so you can also extend it, extend to the point where you can reach the unreachable and go to the highest mountain.

Just keep climbing once your ladder was built. Never stop, take it one step at a time until you reach the top. It is just a matter of staying focused, committed and dedicated to what you are doing. Never look down because you will only get scared, never look back, never think of quitting and going down. Also, stop checking if you're already high or not. Just keep climbing to the top and forget how far you've come. You will only become arrogant once you know that you're already high, keep climbing until you can't climb anymore.

The only way to reach the top is to build your own ladder, you can't borrow someone's ladder, you can't steal someone's ladder because you don't know if their ladder was strong enough to hold you and push you to the top. Build your own ladder, build your own destiny, once step at a time... you can reach the top.

March 31, 2017


Sometimes not moving is already making a progress. A lot of you folks thinks that in order to have progress, you need to take actions. There are some instances where you can create progress even if you're not doing anything.

1. NOT EATING. Don't eat if you want to cut your weight. Don't eat unhealthy foods if you want to have a great body, that's it. Your're thinking a lot on how to be in shape, you're buying a lot of products that doesn't even help you. Don't eat unhealthy foods for a long time and see what will happen.

2. NOT SPENDING WHAT YOU SAVE IN THE BANK. You want to grow your money huh? then don't spend what you saved in the bank, as simple as that. It will become big, not as big as what you are expecting but the point here is it is still growing. It is better than to put it on risky business that has no assurance that your money will grow. Your financial status will have a progress if you keep saving money in the bank and not spending it. Very simple right? no need for fancy actions.

3. RESTING IF YOU ARE OVERWORK. You will still make progress if you are resting, granted that you really work hard and you deserve some rest. Don't do anything if you already overworked, it will give progress to your health, it will give progress to the healing of your brain and body cells. It is already a part of your progress because once you got the rest that you needed, you will be able to work harder than yesterday, you can do more things and accomplish a lot of tasks.

4. NOT ARGUING WITH CLIENTS OR ANYONE. Sometimes a problem can be solved by just simply not arguing with anyone. The more you fight with somebody, the more you derail the progress. Don't talk if you don't have anything good to say, being silent will create progress because it means peace, it means you're ready to move on.

5. NOT THINKING NEGATIVE. Very simple, just don't think negative and you're already progressing. Negative thoughts is the number one cause of stagnancy, doubts and fears. Don't think negatively and you will be able to think for solutions that will give you a progress.

March 31, 2017


Just be simple in doing things, this technique will give you peace, it will give you consistency and sure progress.

Your're thinking hard on how to become rich that is why you've been studying a lot of technical process that is only making your life difficult. Why not simply work hard? choose a specific field and give your life into it, work super hard to the point where you almost die, let's see what will be the result. It is a nice process, yeah, maybe it will take a lot of time but for sure it will work. It is very simple, you don't need to think hard and get yourself lost in the forest. Just simply work hard and give your best and wait for the fruits of your labor.

You've been searching for so long about how to shoot the ball perfectly, you wanted to become a shooter that is why you've been hiring a lot of "super coaches wannabes" they burned your money but you didn't even improve your game, Why not just shoot the ball everyday for a thousand times and let's see what will happen? make it simple, stick to the basics because the basics will give you result, you just need to repeat it over and over again.

You're so stressed when you look at the mirror and see yourself ballooning like an elephant. You hate your fat ass, you hate your belly so you hired a fitness guru, take 12 diet pills a day, buy a very expensive exercise machine that you didn't even touch. You try a lot of things and it just make your situation even worse. You're slowly getting frustrated and you don't know what to do with your life anymore. Why not just walk everyday for a few kilometers and build a habit of eating healthy food, what do you think will happen?

You're thinking too hard that is why your life is getting hard, you are complicating things that's why you're life is complicated. Just stick with the basics and take consistent action if you want to produce sure results.

March 31, 2017


The truth is... you can do anything even without consequences. You can work even if there is no money guarantee, you can move even if there are no rewards waiting for you. The problem with you is you want to be sure that you will get something before you move, you need something to push you to take actions.

Some people will only move if they sense a danger or if it is too late. For example, a son will only work hard if his father got sick and they needed money, he needed that situation to be alarmed and wake up. He want his father to get well so he will do everything in his power to send his father to hospital. Do he really needed his father to get sick before he work? he could have done that before.

Another example is a man who will only take his wife seriously and stop his vices if he found out that his wife is planning to leave him. He could have done that before, it is very easy, all he need is to be loyal and be serious in life yet he is not doing it.

An employee will only work hard if he is guaranteed that he will get an increase in his salary. He didn't know that his boss is watching all of them and looking for the hardest worker in the company. The hardest worker will get the promotion. A lot of employees were satisfied producing mediocre work because they are not hoping that one day they will get promoted.

You can do something even if there are no consequences waiting for you. You can work hard, you can give love, you can take life seriously, you can pursue success. Don't wait for something to inspire you or push you before you take actions. You can always do something, use your time for doing something great.

March 31, 2017


Sometimes you will wonder if perseverance really works, you will not know if it is working if you will not check it.

The best way to know it is to test it. Just pick something that you want to make big and make it big until you can. Work on it forever, make it grow, make it stronger. Always remember that you are checking if perseverance works so you don't have the right to complain when things get harder and something went wrong. You need to work for it for a very long time and give your best everyday, even if the difficulty is on a different level.

You cannot quit, you cannot submit. All you can do is move until you succeed. That is the only way to test if perseverance really works.

A lot of people thinks that they are persevering, a lot of them thinks they are working hard and giving their best. But if you will look at their life... they only persevere for a few days or weeks, they can't even persevere for a month. It is funny because perseverance knows no limits, it doesn't know timeline, all it know is you have to work for a long time, you even have to work forever if needed.

Perseverance doesn't necessarily mean you need to suffer, it means you have to keep going regardless of how you feel. You need to persevere if you are happy or sad. You need to take actions and force something to happen and never give up until the end.

Test perseverance and use it and for sure you will love what you will see.

I've been using perseverance for a long time and it gives me the amount of success that I want. I am not good, not skilled, not talented but I am getting what i want because I am always persevering.

March 31, 2017


If you can just appreciate what you have right now then you will feel more, you will feel blessed, rich, wealthy and lucky. What makes you feel bad if you have less is you always look at other people who have more than you, you get envy, you feel jealous, you think of yourself as poor or not blessed.

A man with just 5 pair of shoes is happier than a man with a hundred pair of shoes. It may sound crazy but it is true. The man with lesser shoes can appreciate more what he have. He can touch all of his shoes and clean them one by one. Unlike someone who has a lot... he doesn't even know what to do with his shoes anymore. He can't wear all of them, he is having a problem maintaining them. And the worst thing is... his happiness is coming from buying a lot of shoes, he feel broke if he can't buy a new shoes every now and then.

Having one car is happier than having two or three cars why? because you feel solid with your one and only car. You can make it clean everyday, you can touch it and become proud of it, you can even make it more beautiful by adding some set ups. If you have two or more cars, you will somehow feel a little bit stressed because you don't know what to prioritized. You will be confused on what to use for the day. I am not saying that having 2 or more car is not good, I am just saying the possible feelings that you may feel. It is still up to you, but having one car is better because you can focus on that car and make it like your real love, you can maintain it to the fullest.

Just like in having friends, having a little circle of friends is better than having a lot of friends. The little circle that you have are honest, sincere and you have deeper connection. Unlike having a lot of friends, some of them are just users, you don't even really like the most of them, there is no deep connection and everything is like just a play with no sincerity.

March 31, 2017


What makes you slow and what makes you have a hard time moving is you want to win badly. You want to win badly to the point where worrying, panicking, being impatient is getting the best of you. You want to win so badly but you play not to lose. You are so scared to lose that is why you are not executing the right way. You're struggling, you are having a hard time. You are not giving yourself the freedom to become loose, effortless and express yourself to the fullest, in other words... you are not enjoying what is going on. You keep on pushing and making things difficult even though you don't need to do it.

One way to free yourself is to accept that you've already lost. Accept that you're not going to make it anymore but still take actions, still give your best. It's just like tricking your mind, you pretend to be giving up but the truth is you're still fighting, the only difference is... you're not scared to lose anymore because you already accepted defeat.

Look at an athlete who wants to become an MVP so bad, he is always pressured. He wants to be in control, he is feeling the heavy chip on his shoulders. He is so defensive and he wants to prove himself to others. The moment he hears someone saying that there is a more deserving player than him... he will get mad, he is bleeding for his case, he wants to shout to the world that he is the most deserving. The result is... he lost the MVP not because he is not deserving, he lost it because he loses control of himself. He focus on what he can't control that is why he forget to do the right things. He forget that there are lots of things that he can control that will make him very close of winning the MVP.

If you are struggling badly in something and you wanted to take control... you must learn to let go. Let it go and it will come back. You have to release the pressure so you can make things right. Accept that you can't win so you will have an easier time for moving and taking actions. It is like you are shifting into a "nothing to lose" mode. Just move and be yourself and everything will become easier and faster.

March 31, 2017


If you need to take action or make a decision but you are not sure about it then you have to go with your instincts, if you feel good about it then go for it but if not... then leave it alone and do some other thing or check some other options.

There is a saying that you still have to try even if you already knew that you've lost. For example, if you are looking for a job and the security guard on that company already told you that there is no vacancy or job opening, you still need to pass your resume if your instincts is telling you that you still have a chance. Pass it if you feel like passing it but if not then just leave it and look for another company that is hiring.

If you feel that you have a chance and you can succeed then go for it but if you don't feel it anymore and there is no excitement then what is the point for doing it?

The key here is to always feel excited, always feel hopeful. You can control your emotions, you just need to motivate yourself. Because if you can always feel good about something then there is a very big chance that you can get what you want.

But if you feel sluggish, lazy and unmotivated then for sure you will fail. The law of attraction will not give you attraction, it will just ignore you.

You have to know how you feel but sometimes emotions are tricky. Sometimes you want it but you already feel tired. So it is your job to find the excitement, it is your job to bring the joy back so you can produce awesome results and make correct decisions. It is your duty to look for the fun in what you're doing.

You need to draw the state from within, you need to build your emotions and make yourself always excited. It is very simple, just remember what you want and visualize yourself already having it.

March 31, 2017


Sometimes the reason why you can't get money or you are having a hard time to get money is because you can't smell it. You are pretending that it is there but from the very beginning you know that you will experience big problems getting it.

For example, you already knew that the company that hired you is a big mess and they have a history for not paying their employees on time yet you still work on that place. The result is.. they are not paying you on time so you are having a difficulty budgeting your money. You feel bad and you think that you don't deserve it but you still continue working on that company which is a bad decision. You should not work for them from the very start because you've heard some information that they are not paying on time, you didn't smell the money from them from the very beginning but you still continue working for them that is why you're in a bad spot now.

If you are negotiating with somebody about a specific business, you should learn how to smell if that guy has money. You should check his backgrounds, study his behavior and spending habits, study his words and body language. If you don't feel confident doing transaction with him then leave. If you can't smell the money from him then never do business with him because you will just regret it in the end.

If you want to have more money then you should smell where is the big money coming from. You should know what job pays well, what business has a chance of giving you more money or what company can pay you more. You can smell it from the very beginning if you are very patient in seeking and researching. You can find information, you can smell the money and get it, you just need to dig deeper and be patient more.

March 30, 2017


Don't be afraid to try another strategy because you can always try another one if it didn't work. Be courageous to try it even if you have doubts. It can work or not but what matters is you didn't hesitate to try it.

You need strategy to become successful, it is a pattern or plan that will give you directions. It is your foundation, it will be your default when you're lost, it can make you or break you but you need to execute it no matter what.

You can try as many strategy as you can but you need to stick with your present strategy and see if it can give you results. You can't be trying a specific strategy for a week or a month and then give up right away if you can't see any progress. Stick with it for at least a year and see if it can give you results.

Your strategy is your way to victory, so if you have a very good strategy then you will have a very high chance of being successful.

Once you discover a strategy... implement it right away, do one strategy at a time. You can't be using two strategies in the same time because it will only confuse you, it will make your mind cluttered which will lead to being unproductive.

Sometimes you don't need to change your strategy anymore because the more you use it... the more it will become effective. You'll just need to enhance it and add some components to make it more effective.

You can use any strategy. It can be old school, modern scientific, manual, hard or short strategy. For as long as it is working... keep using it.

A lot of people cannot become successful because they are using strategy for so long even if it is not effective. They don't want to change or maybe they are afraid to change that is why they will just accept the fact that they can't become successful.

Some people can't become successful too because they will only use their newly found strategy for weeks or months and will quit once they got bored waiting for results.

March 30, 2017


1. Give your best no matter what. Even if you have a strong opponent, even if there is a strong pressure on your shoulders... still give your best, focus on giving your best. You will look and feel invincible if you don't care about the people around you. Other people will feel your confidence and they will be somehow get intimidated with your style and energy. 

2. Forget the results. If you don't care about the results then you will become confident even more. You will become loose and you will be able to express yourself to the fullest. Never mind if you are not getting any progress, never mind if no one believes in you. The only way to keep moving is to not care about the outcome and just keep moving forward. You will feel invincible if you're always in motion. Keep the movement alive, you will get momentum in a while. 

3. Forget your appearance. Being conscious about your appearance will make you conservative. Forget about your looks and just take actions. Forget about looking good and perfect. Just do it and never stop until you get what you want. Never mind if you get dirty or humiliated, just keep going and focus on what you want to happen. Ignore everything around you, focus on what you want and never let it out of your mind. 

4. Think that you are the best. If you don't think that you're the best then you will never feel invincible, you will get intimidated with the people around you. Keep thinking that you're the best even if you're not. You need a mental edge so you must make yourself believe that you're the best. 

5. Remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. Remind yourself that this is just a game, you don't have anything to lose, you have everything to gain. A lot of people can't be themselves because they think that they have a lot to lose, they can't express their true personality, skills and knowledge because they are not playing to win, they are playing not to lose.  

March 30, 2017


Everyone wants to compete, everyone wants to be the best. They are comparing themselves to each other, they want to be updated about who is the best and who is doing better that is why they can't improve. They were so focused on other people's lives instead of focusing on their own life.

Don't be like them because comparing yourself to other people is nonsense. It doesn't matter if they are doing better than you, what matters is you are doing everything you can to make yourself better than yesterday. Never mind if they told you that you are not good, it is just a waste of energy listening to them. You will only become weak and you will feel bad if you give them any attention.

If you know yourself, if you know who you are and how good you can be then there is no reason to compare yourself with others. Just make yourself better everyday and success will come to you. Comparing will only drain your energy especially if you saw that you are not better than them. The most important thing is to focus on your own thing.

If you feel that you're the best then live it, don't tell everyone that you're the best, don't prove to anyone that you're the best, just live it. No talking needed, no comparison needed. You can really become the best if you are giving your best.

It doesn't matter who is ahead, it doesn't matter who is on at his peak right now, life is not a race, all you need to do is stay with the race but forget what position you have. They can be ahead of you, they can have a big lead from you but who cares? your time will come, you will become the number one if you keep on giving strong efforts.

March 30, 2017


The reason why you can't grow is because you always think about the past, you always bring the past to your present. Don't you know that your past is slowing you down? the more you think about your past, the more you waste time. You are not letting the more productive thoughts enter your brain because your brain is fully occupied by your past.

Let go of the past so you can move on and enter a new chapter in your life. A lot of people were trapped in their past, they're living in their past that is why they cannot see the beauty of present. They don't let better opportunities enter their life because all they think about is their past, they don't want to do anything with their present.

You will never grow if you will not eliminate the past, the only way to grow is to appreciate the present moment and prepare for the future. What is done is done, you cannot change anything from your past and even if you can change it do you think you can live a better life now? Of course not, there will still be problems waiting for you even if you change your past. The only way to live a better life is to embrace what is happening now and make the best out of it.

You think about the past wealth that you use to have before that is why you don't want to look for a job, you thought that those riches will come back. You are broke now, you don't have money now, you need to move on and accept the reality.

You think about your past partner that leaves you, you think that she will come back. How will she come back if she told you that she didn't love you anymore? You need to end your hallucination, she will never come back so it is better to look for a new partner now.

Eliminate the past because you can never turn back time. All you can do is appreciate the moment and try to live a new life by welcoming new opportunities in life.

There  are more better things that are bound to happen if you will only accept the reality and face the present moment without any regrets from the past.

March 30, 2017


It's time to make a different approach, it is time to separate yourself from the pack. Everyone is doing the same thing, that is why they are getting the same results. They were all rushing and panicking. I don't know what they hear on the news, I don't know what is wrong with them but all of them seems like they're running out of time.

They are panicking and rushing because they don't make a good plan in life, they don't handle their life very well. They are so random and they don't build a system that will make their life easier and happier.

You are rushing to go to your office if you didn't wake up early to prepare yourself for work. You are rushing because you give yourself so much time for sleeping and you didn't give too much time allowance for preparing. You need to change, don't use traffic as an excuse to your boss why you are late. You need to sleep early, wake up early and have more time for travelling to your work.

It's Christmas season, people were rushing to buy Christmas presents for their love ones, but you are different... you already bought all of your Christmas gifts before the month of November because you don't want to join the mob and do the panic buying that will only cause a lot of stress to your life. And one more thing, they are waiting for their Christmas bonus but you are not because you already saved a lot of money before the Yuletide season. They are rushing because they are not prepared, you are relaxing because you are prepared.

They are rushing to go to the mall when there are lots of items that are sale, they want to get huge discounts because they thought that they can save a lot of money by doing that. They think that it is only once in a year when shopping malls give huge discounts. But you are different, you are just relaxing at your home resting this weekend. You don't care if you get huge discounts or not because you know that you don't need those items, you don't get easily fooled by sale items because you know it is better to save money than to buy items that you don't even need. A lot of people thinks that they were able to save more money by buying sale items, they were stupid because how can you save money if you spend it? They are rushing and you are relaxing because you know the right thing.

They are rushing to get rich, they join a lot of investment scams that will leave them broke in the end. But you are different, you are relaxing enjoying your journey because you know that getting rich is not a one night stand. You know that it takes time and you are patiently enjoying your time. You are enjoying yourself working hard and growing your assets little by little. You are not panicking to get rich because you are confident that you will get there.

The conclusion is... if you are rushing it means you don't know the right thing, you are not prepared and you're always out of control. But if you are relaxing then it means you are prepared and you already do the best thing to do. If you want to get different results from the mob then you should learn how to relax and you can only do it if you put yourself in a position to relax, meaning you already did the most important things in your life, you do your responsibilities, you work hard and you never did stupid decisions.

March 30, 2017


You can have the most detailed plan, you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don't have the will and determination to execute that plan then nothing will happen to you. If you have a weak will then you will quit in the long run.

Talent is overrated, your parents can make you believe that you have a lot of talents and you can succeed one day but if you will not work hard and use your will power then you can never go far. You need to have a lot of will power to succeed in life because there will be a lot of challenges along the road, you will be tested, you will be forced to quit and if your willpower is not on a different level then you will never try again.

You can have a lot of support in life, you can have a lot of help but those things will only make you weak. You should learn to develop your willpower everyday and try to strengthen it bit by bit so that when those help is not available anymore... you still have the strength to keep going, pushing and grinding.

Never get jealous with talented people because all they have is hype. Wait until a big problem strikes them and you will see how they crumble, you will see that they are panicking and they don't even know what to do.

All the talent does is make you believe that you don't need to work hard anymore and you don't need to grow anymore. There are lots of improvements that needs to be done if you really want to make it in life. It all starts with the willpower, try to strengthen your willpower and you can achieve anything in life.

March 30, 2017


Become soft and your life will be soft, you will become a failure, you will become fragile and unable to attract success in life.

This is the time to push yourself if you are not getting the results you are expecting in life, this is the time to do something different because if you will not force yourself to take actions then you will remain the same bum forever.

It's time to kill laziness, it's time to dump procrastination because a lot of time is passing by, a lot of time were being wasted and those time could have been use to create success and wealth in life.

Admit that you're lazy, admit that you're a bum and have the commitment to change your life. Change now, move your hands and feet now, if you will not do it now then you will not do it forever.

Sometimes you have to be hard on yourself, you have to cuss yourself so that you will be pumped up and start moving.

Never mind feeling good, forget comfort and start turning things around. It's never too late to change, you can change now, all you need to do is take it one step at a time, forget about making progress, just focus on taking actions and little by little you will get there, you will make improvement.

How many times you told yourself that you are going to change but you fail? how many times you told yourself that you are going to do something but you didn't do anything?

The reason for your failure and stagnancy is because you're too soft on yourself, you're allowing yourself to produce mediocre results, you are allowing yourself to fail. You are not pushing yourself beyond your boundaries. It is time to make a stand and face the pain, face the pain of change, face the pain of transformation.

March 30, 2017


It is what you do with your time that makes your life. If you are just wasting your time then your life is a waste, as simple as that.

A lot of people complain, they make dramas but making dramas itself is just a waste of time and they are not getting results by doing it. They can't get results because instead of using their time for working or doing some productive activities.. they use it to create dramas so the conclusion is... their life is a complete waste because they use their time for nonsense activities.

Look at yourself, what are you doing with your time? if you're watching TV for 8 hours or more a day then you're life is all about television, your life has nothing to do with wealth nor success. You spend most of time watching TV so the reward you get is knowing all the TV programs and their schedule. And by the way, you are also updated with any kind of negative news, it is a pretty good reward too, you are aware of the disasters and crimes, it is polluting your mind... not bad at all.

But if you use most of your time for improving your life then your life will improve, you will become successful, as simple as that. If you use most of your time for creating wealth then you will get wealth. It is impossible that you will attract poverty if you are using most of your time for getting money, that thing will never happen.

If you use your time for exercise then you will get healthy and achieve a great looking body. If you use your time for worrying then you will get stressed and sick. If you use your time for thinking about other people then you will never become happy, as simple as that. It is what you do with your time that will create your reality. So look at yourself now, check what you're doing, check where is your activity connected and that will be your life.

March 30, 2017


A lot of people were so scared to work hard because they are so afraid of failing. They think that their efforts will only be wasted if they fail. They think that they just wasted time, money and energy if they fail.

But that is not the reality, the truth is if you work super hard then you're already a winner regardless if you succeed or not. Why? because the habits of working hard was already built, if you are so familiar in working hard then you can work hard anytime, everything will be easy, you can move anytime you want.

Hardwork is the key ingredient to success and if you already have it then you're already a winner. You can fail a lot of times but if you are always willing to work hard and always ready then you can become victorious anytime too.

If hardwork was already in your system then you can always build any new business or idea anytime you want and not worry if it will click or not. You will no longer be afraid of failing because you know that you can win anytime because you know in yourself that you have what it takes to become successful. You have the work ethic, the dedication and endurance to produce results.

Any kind of process will be easier for you because you are so use to working hard everyday, it is always a win win situation for you because nothing will scare you anymore. You just believe in hardwork, you work hard everyday and that is why you will win anytime soon.

The best thing to do is do not be afraid of working hard, make it a habit of working hard everyday and you will become a winner. You will not be afraid to face any adversity, you will be alright even if your business is not clicking.

You will not even mind failing, you will not see any failure as a failure because you will never think that all of your efforts were wasted because making any hard effort is just normal to you.

March 30, 2017


If you are angry because you've been defeated by an opponent that is no better than you... use that anger to become stronger, use that anger to train hard, use it to prepare long and become the best person that you can ever be. Use that anger as a your fuel for your motivation. Use that anger to make a comeback and take that victory back again.

If you are happy and excited... use that excitement to attract more success in life. Use that excitement to become successful. Become excited more to build a business and make it grow. Become excited to build your new life, a life that is very different from the past. Use that excitement to work harder than yesterday, use that happiness to stay longer at work. If you are always happy then you can do things faster and better.

If you are sad, use that emotion to create arts, use that emotion to create outputs that was never seen before. Stay on that sadness until you become happy. Use it to become a very good artist. A lot of good artists were depressed and they use that depression to create masterpieces. You can do that too, you will be more creative if you use that sadness in the right way.

If you are scared then use that fear to work harder. Use that fear to force yourself to just move so you will not experience what you don't want to experience. For example, you don't want to get broke, use that fear of getting broke to work super hard and earn a lot of money. If you don't want to fail in your exam, use that fear of failing to make you force yourself to study your lessons.

You can use any kind of emotion to get what you want, emotions is a good medium to force yourself to take actions. You just need to channel it in the right way.

March 30, 2017


If you are always pleasing people then you will only get disappointed in the end.

You please people so they will treat you nice, so that they will be kind to you and treat you with respect back. The truth is... they will only treat you nice while they still like what is happening. The moment they didn't like any of your moves... they will not treat you nice anymore. You will only get disappointed, you will feel bad and you will think that you've been treated unfairly. But you're the one who started it, you give your power to other people by pleasing them and giving them what they want. You make yourself look weak to their eyes that is why they thought that they can do anything to you.

You please people because you want to get something from them and you think that you can get it by pampering them and giving them everything they need. But in the end, if you find out that they are not willing to give what you want... you will feel bad, you will get disappointed. You will feel that you've been cheated and you just waste your time, money and energy. But you can't blame anyone other than you, you started it, you believe in that idea so don't blame anyone, it is your fault from the very beginning.

If your intention from pleasing people is to get something or be treated nicely then you will only get disappointed. You can't control people's temper or attitude. Yeah, maybe they will be nice at you in the beginning because they are getting something from you. But in the long run, they will show their true colors especially if they don't like what is happening.

Never please people because you will only feel bad if your expectations were not met. You are not here to pretend that you are nice just to get something. You are here to show your true colors and please yourself first before them.

March 30, 2017


Struggle is still a process, you just call it a struggle because you are stuck and you are not enjoying what is happening in your life. Struggle is just a process that is a little bit harder than the normal process.

If you  are struggling, it means you are not enjoying. A lot of people were having the same situation as yours but they don't call it a struggle because they were hopeful and they were having fun in what they are doing. They love the process so they don't call it a struggle, instead the call it a journey.

There is no such thing as struggle, there is only a difficult path and maybe you experiencing it right now that is why you think you are struggling.

Learn to love the difficulty and you will be able to conquer any adversity. Never think that you are struggling, stop making dramas, stop thinking that it is difficult because you can always solve any problem if you are thinking right. You can find a way, you can find a solution if your mind is on the right place.

Struggle is just an excuse, it is an excuse used by losers and lazy people, they will make other people believe that they are struggling but the reality is they just don't want to take actions.

It is normal to face difficulty but you can conquer any of it. You can always rise up in the air and feel better again because you face your problems and you didn't run away like many people did.

If you are having a hard time, just simply keep moving forward and everything will become easy again. Everything will go back to normal again. And the truth is... you are not struggling, you are just panicking and thinking that you can't do it anymore.

March 30, 2017


Don't worry if there are too much people on your desired place, don't worry that you will ran out of spot. There is always a designated place for you, and that place is according to your strength.

Everyone has a designated place on earth, there is a spot waiting for you. But you have to know the level of your strength first so you will know where to go.

If you're a criminal then the place for you is jail. You're weak because you can't think right and do right. Jail is a place for people who are pretending to be strong but the truth is they are weak because they can'e even do the right things to live a better life.

If you're mentally ill then the place for you is the mental hospital, that is the designated place for you because you have a weak mind and you cannot control your emotions and thoughts. It is a weak place for a weak person like you.

If you have a weak and dying body then the place for you is cemetery. You can't take care and heal your own body so the best place for you is a place where nobody lives.

If you're lazy then the place for you is the squatter's area. You are lazy to save money, you are lazy to study, you are lazy to change your position in life so the place for you is where the lazy people resides.

If you're a weak player then the place for you is the bench. Just sit there and watch your teammates play because you're not needed on the team. You're weak, you're nervous on court and you don't have guts so just sit there and cheer for your team.

If you have a weak heart and you can't take risks to go to the top then the place for you is at the bottom. Just relax there, it is not stressful but it is not a happy place. Success will never reserve a place for a scared person like you. You deserve to be at the bottom because you can't stand for what you believe in.

But if you are strong, determined, motivated and has a clear vision then the place for you is at the top, the top is waiting for you. Just keep going and you will get there.

There is a designated place for you but it depends on your strength so if you don't like your position now, it means your strength is not enough and you need to make yourself powerful so you can go to your desired place.

March 29, 2017


People were so concerned about the beauty of their work, they were so concerned about what people thinks of their work that is why they cannot achieve their goal. They want to look cute and perfect, they want to smell good and look awesome.

I know someone who wants to earn money, so basically his goal is to earn some money and bring some food on his family's table. But this son of a bitch feels like he is a son of a king, he doesn't want to accept low paying jobs or blue collar jobs because he thinks that he is qualified for a higher position with higher pay. This guy is undergraduate and is lacking of experience. He is not looking at his goal instead he wants to look cute and decent infront of other people that is whey he can't have what he want.

If your goal is to score 20 points in one game, don't look at how beautiful your shots are, don't look at how graceful your moves are. Instead, just look at how are you going to score 20 points, look at your goal and not at the beauty of your work.

If your goal is to write 20 articles per day, never mind if your grammar is not perfect, just write 20 articles per day and that's it. Don't look if your work is perfect, always look at your goal so you can achieve it.

If your goal is to sell 5 cars per day, don't look at how beautiful your work is, don't look at having a smooth and easy path. Don't look at staying perfect and not getting rejected, just focus on making 5 sales per day no matter what technique or how ugly the process may be. It is what it is, you need to achieve that goal even if you experience a lot of difficulty.

March 29, 2017


Look at the people who were lazy... they love the word "later", they love the word "tomorrow", they love the word "next time". They don't want to do it now, they believe that they can do it later and their later becomes later again and so on. The later never ends, the task was left hanging in the air, they will only do it when they sense danger or maybe they will decide not to do it anymore.

If you find yourself always using the word "later" then you're part of the bastards club who will never make it in life, you can use a lot of excuses to defend yourself but at the end of the day, the only question is... are you accomplishing something by using the word "later'?

Stop believing in later, stop using the word later because it will make you even lazier. A lazy work that is early is better than a lazy work that is late. You can become lazy doing your work, you can have a lousy work but you must do it right away, do it fast and never stop until you finish it. You will have the appetite for working once you do it right away because you will have a very good momentum.

You can cure your laziness by working right away, do the most important things in your life and never use the word later or tomorrow. Do it now while you can still do it, remove the habits of procrastinating because it will not do any good in your life.

Don't think about how are you going to do it instead just take actions and make a little progress every now and then. Everything will become easy if you will not use the word "later", you will have a lighter life if you will just do it now and never stop until you're finished.

March 29, 2017


Nobody knows what will happen. All I know is something will happen if you do it. If you will not do it then you will wonder forever what could happen if you just pull the trigger.

What do you think will happen if you say sorry to your mom that you hurt by not following her instructions? what do you think will happen if you give your best yesterday and try to win the game? what do you think will happen if you work really hard and stay focus? do you think you will become rich? what do you think will happen if you ask your crush for a date? what do you think will happen if you ask for an increase to your boss? what do you think will happen if you will just do it and forget the results?

There is a possibility that all of your expectations may not happen, there is a chance that you may get disappointed but you will only know the answer if you will do it. You will experience a lot of regrets if you didn't pull the trigger, you will become disappointed even more if you didn't take actions.

If you want to avoid thinking everyday what could happen then just do it, do it even if it is scary, do it even if it is really tiring, do it even if the risk is high and you may fail in the end.

Doing it is the only thing that will give you peace, you will feel successful even if you fail because you try and give your best. A lot of people can't have a peace of mind because they were always thinking what could have happen if they only try and push until the end. They were too scared to fail that is why they didn't try. Yes, they didn't fail but the still feel like a failure.

Go ahead and do it so you will know what could happen, try it so you will know the answer to your questions.

Life is so short to hold yourself back and be a slave to fear. The only thing you should fear of is not doing it.

March 29, 2017


It's like you know what you are doing and it is part of your play. It is like you didn't do something wrong and you are still in control.

In whatever you are doing... if there is a pressure that is  playing around... you need to act like you're invincible and in full control. Because if you will let people know that you made a mistake then it's game over, you're already a failure. You will lost your momentum and you will even make multiple mistakes.

Just play it cool, just act like everything is alright and there are no mistakes that are happening. If people can still feel that you are confident and you are not crumbling then your momentum will never change, you will still be in 100 percent control and people will still believe in you.

A lot of professional entertainers are committing mistakes on the big stage but they don't let people see it so they still look cool, great and doing right. They don't let a simple mistake ruin their presentation, they can always remain calm under pressure, they never crumble because they knew that feeling nervous will just make them look stupid.

Always have fun, forget about the mistake you did right away and keep your focus strong. It is normal to make mistakes so don't ever make it a big deal, ignore it and keep doing your thing. If someone ask you if you commit a mistake... tell them that it is just part of your presentation and simply smile, act as if nothing happen.

Because the moment you focus on your simple mistake then it will multiply, you will commit another mistake for sure and you will look like an amateur who is not prepared.

Keep in mind that the show must go on and you need to give your best every single second even if your presentation is not perfect anymore.

March 29, 2017


You can learn more and learn fast by actualizing it right away the moment you hear or see the instructions.

Lazy people thinks that once they hear it and saw it then they already learned it. But when the time comes and they need to actualize... they completely forget everything. Even if you know the details, if you didn't try it then you really don't know it. It is like watching a cooking show on how to cook a lemon chicken, you can memorize everything that was said on the show, you can memorize the whole recipe but if you didn't try cooking it then you still don't know it. Because you will not know the taste, you will not know the timing, mixtures etc.

Just like your math teacher teaching a new lesson... you can copy the lecture but if you will not solve problems by your own then you still don't know it. You may have the notes, you may memorize the formulas but if you haven't solve any problems then you will not be able to solve it during the actual exam.

It is better to learn by doing because once you do it right way... you already know what to do next time. You will never be lost, you can do it faster and better.

You can also learn even if you didn't hear anything from someone, you can learn by yourself by simply doing it. You can make mistakes or you can make it right the first try. If you made a mistake, well at least you will have a feedback and you will know what not to do next time. Applying is simply learning, you just need to do it even if you are not so sure that it's going to work. If you will not try it then you will remain an ignorant forever, you are just pretending that you know it.

March 29, 2017


If you're not a professional, if you're not yet a professional then this is the time to pretend like you are. The word professional is overrated, a lot of people think of it as something attached with greatness, perfection and super high level work.

The word professional just simply means you can do the job on time. It simply means being prompt and giving the client relief from worries. You simply give the client a piece of mind that you can deliver without any form of delay.

Pretend that you can do something and you will be able to do it. Pretend that you know a lot, pretend that you've been doing your work for a very long time without panicking or making mistakes.

Fake it till you make it, but make sure you will still give your very best and 100 percent effort. Forget about the pressure, it is nothing, just remember that you still need to move regardless if you are feeling good or not. Just think about what you need to do and that's it. Forget about the situation, forget about the difficulty, forget about the people around you. Stand straight, pretend that you're confident and just do your job.

The more you do things consistently, the more you show up and never fail your clients... the faster you will become a professional. And maybe you're already a professional, you just need to become a little more confident.

Everyone starts being an amateur so there is nothing wrong with that. Some amateurs even act like they were already a professional so they look like one.

It is how you feel towards yourself, if you feel like an amateur then you will produce an amateur results but if you feel like a professional and act like a professional then you will produce awesome and unbelievable results.

March 29, 2017


If you think that what you're doing is a trash and it is not working... you still have to believe it. Even if it looks uglier than the work of others, even if a lot of people were laughing at it... you still need to believe in your own shit because how can you move forward if you will not believe it? how can you take more actions if you will not believe it?

It is easy to believe in it, just stop listening to other people and start working, keep producing and keep improving, as simple as that. Make more contents, make more ideas. Never mind if you're doing bad or not, never mind if people were laughing at you. Just believe your own shit and never stop until you become successful.

Because if you love what you are doing then that is they key, no need to compare your performance with others, no need to question yourself if you can become successful or not. Just believing your work and loving it is already a success.

A lot of people were really good but they don't believe in their work and ideas that is why they can't reach the top, they always listen to what other people say, they never appreciate their own work and ideas.

Just feeling the love in anything that you do will make you really successful, it is the main ingredient to success. It sounds cheesy but it is the reality. All you need is love, love is all you need and there is no need to worry about anything else. Believe in your own shit and keep doing it until the end.

Because there is no point in doing something if you will not believe in it, believe in it 100.1 percent, believe in it even if no other people believes in it.

One day you will see... you're already successful for just believing it.

March 29, 2017


What is difficult about that? you will just move your ass and keep moving until you get it done. Why are you feeling so heavy?

There is a task ahead of you, why can't you do it? all you need to do is do the first step and never stop, why can't you even move your hands and feet? why do you feel like something is stopping you?

There is no difficult task if you will just start it, it will look more even difficult if you are procrastinating, stop thinking about finishing it fast and find ways how to enjoy it. Find thoughts that will make you have fun while doing it. Find thoughts that will give you good emotions so you can stay longer while doing it.

There is no task or responsibility that is difficult, it is all in your head. And if you will think about it... was it really impossible to do? no right?

Small task or big task... it is the same, it can be easier if you will start right away and enjoy doing it. It can be difficult if you will always try to postpone doing it and thinking about shortcuts.

If you have complete body parts then there is no excuse for not doing it. There are lots of disabled person who are working harder than you, they are making results so you should be ashamed of yourself if you are bumming around and wasting time.

Difficulty is only in the mind, do it and never stop and see for yourself if it is really difficult. Just fall in love with moving and appreciate the fact that you can use all of your body parts. Just enjoy every movement of your body and you will see that any task is very easy.

March 29, 2017


It is one essential key to speed... stay calm, poised and relax. Put your mind in a place of serenity and you will be able to move faster.

If you are forcing things, if there is a worry on your mind, if you are struggling then you will move slower. You will become tired faster, it feels like there is a thick rope strangling your neck, has this ever happened to you?

Being relaxed will make your muscles and mind breathe that is why your movement will become smoother and faster. You will not make mistakes and you will have more stamina for doing things. It will look like everything is easy. Unlike if you are rushing and worrying... you will breathe heavily and it feels like you wanted to escape but you cannot, it feels like you will explode in a matter of time.

Stay calm in times of pressure... this is the key if you want to make good decisions, this is the solution for winning and being successful during times of adversity.

Look at the those people who were almost late at their work... bad things were happening to them even more... they cannot find a taxi, they forget their id or cellphones, a lot of people were bumping them etc. That is what will happen if your mind is not relax... you will attract negative things, you will struggle more. You can move fast but you still need to stay calm and hopeful, you need to stay in the moment and forget about getting there fast.

Life is about enjoying the moment may it be negative or positive. You can't be here and wanting to go there fast, you can't be doing the process and thinking about finishing fast. The more you worry the more you will experience adversity.

If you are stuck in a negative situation just stay calm, you will be able to move away from it in a matter of time.

March 29, 2017


If no motivational video, website, pictures, quotes etc. is working for you anymore look at your surroundings, what ugly piece in your life do you have?, what circumstances in your life that are ugly but you know you can change if you work hard?

Do your mother wants a nicer house but you cannot give it? Do your wife wants a better life but you can't give it? It is not that you cannot give it you just don't want to give it because you don't push yourself enough.

The most important people in your life are complaining because they want something but you can't give it, they want comfort but all you can give is discomfort. Look at them and feel guilty, feel guilty about being lazy.

The truth is you can do better than that, you can have a better life but you are not working enough to get what you need. You were completely satisfied being a bum and having less.

Find something that will make you feel guilty because you're not working hard, find something that will give you emotions and will force you to move. Is it your hungry younger brother? is it your angry mother? is it your wife that wears old and ugly shoes because you can't buy here a new pair? There are millions of things that will make you feel guilty, all you need is pick one thing that makes you guilty the most.

March 29, 2017


I don't know if you heard this news, actually this is a little bit old and maybe a lot of people already heard it but I will still broadcast it anyway. The greatest news is you can do anything you want or be anything you want for as long as you're not breaking any government rules or you're not hurting anybody, how great was that!

This news was pretty outdated but a lot of people were still pretending that they don't know it. They don't know that they can be anything they want if only they work hard. But still... they are taking things for granted and they are not devouring this opportunity.

Unlike before when kings and queens were sill evident, it is very hard for you to become successful especially if your parents were slaves, you have no chance because they will not allow you to be promoted and raise your social status. But now that system doesn't exist anymore, there are no more queens or kings or slaves. And the good news is... you can become a king too if you become very successful.

Your freedom was granted to you right after your birth. But you are not taking advantage if this opportunity, you think you have a lot of time left for pursuing your dreams. You think you can just change in one day and turn things around.

Enjoy freedom but don't abuse it, you can do a lot of things, you can do anything but that doesn't mean that you can also waste your life doing nothing and clowning around. Life is short, it has been said a zillion times yet a lot of people can't wake up. This is the time to take advantage of the great opportunity you have. You are free to do anything, do it now because your freedom might not last.

March 29, 2017


You gotta go and get it for yourself because no one will get it for you. Your dad can't get it for you, your mom can't get it for you. No super hero can get it for you. You are the one responsible for getting it, no miracle can happen if you will not get it.

Even the presidents or the sultans can't get it for you. They can open jobs but you can't have it unless you're going to get it .

A lot of people were getting soft nowadays, they want free things handed to them. They don't want to take actions anymore, they just want to get something without doing anything. The wanted to get rich without working hard, they want to become sexy without sweating a lot, they want to become popular without risking anything, basically they want everything for free.

If you think that what you want will come one day then you better wake up, you are just fooling yourself. Stop daydreaming and do the necessary thing. You can be the nicest person, you can be the most humble person but if you will not force yourself to get it then you will never get it, as simple as that.

No one will apply the job for you, no one will earn money for you, no one will cook the food for you. If you want it... go and get it, go and work for it. You're not a baby anymore who can always ask for milk anytime you want. You can't just cry and have something ready for you.

The competition in this world is very tough, there are lot of hard working people who will eat you alive if you are not competitive enough. They are getting what they want, how about you?

Making dramas doesn't work anymore, being a cry baby will only make your situation worse. You want something? go and get it as hard as you can.

March 29, 2017


I've heard a million plans that doesn't come into fruition. A lot of people were just good in making plans but when it comes to execution... they're like clowns, they were just a joke.

How many of you talks about the business that you are going to build? but you didn't even started it, you didn't even take the first step. You were just good in impressing your friends, you talk about your very detailed plan and how are you going to do it but months have passed by and you haven't accomplished anything yet. You didn't make any progress, you didn't make any improvement, you even haven't made the logo of your business, you're so funny.

How many of you talks about changing your life, you talk about the process, you talk about the path and changes that you are going to make but years have passed by and you haven't change any part of your life. Your hairstyle remains the same, your bad eating habits remains the same, your shitty car remains the same. Everything in your life remains the same. What happen to your plan? did you bury it?

Planning means procrastinating, planning can't get the job done. It serves as an excuse to not take actions. You keep on planning but you haven't started anything yet. Planning is just talk, it will never lead you to anywhere.

So instead of planning why don't you just do it? why don't you just take the first step and see how far can you go?

All the planning does is make you refrain from taking actions, it is only delaying the progress. Planning is only good to hear but you can never see anything from it.

Planning is for losers, planning is for excuse makers. The doers never plan, they just execute right away, they never procrastinate.

March 28, 2017


Making a mistake is much better than just sitting around, criticizing people and dreaming about what you could have done.

Be proud if you are moving and taking actions because some people were so afraid of making a mistake that is why they can't even move at all. All they do is criticize, pull people down and pretend that they are good. They can't even make any single progress, they are just pretending that they know a lot but the truth is they were so scared because they don't even know what to do.

I don't know what is it about mistakes that a lot of people were so afraid of. Mistakes cannot kill you, it cannot even hurt you. All it can do is make you stronger and smarter. It will show you the right way to do things. Making mistakes is like digging for an answer.

If you are so afraid of making a mistake then you will not progress at all. Aiming to become perfect will make you weak, conservative and unable to move.

The people who never made a mistake hasn't accomplished anything at all. Yes, maybe they were not hurt, embarrassed or rejected but deep inside they were not happy because they want to try something but they cannot try.

Making a mistake is the start of success. The more you make mistakes, the more you learn and become a better person. People doesn't want to become better that is why they are so afraid of making a mistake, they want to remain the same.

If you find yourself not wanting to make a mistake then it simply means you are not progressing. It means you are just sitting on your couch planning all day long what to do with your life. You think you are perfect because you're not failing? no, you're not. Not failing means you're not moving.

March 28, 2017


Just take the first step and then let the momentum roll on. It is like a snowball effect, the more you take consistent actions.... the result keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the more it becomes bigger... the more it rolls faster.

Don't think, forget about how you feel, emotions has nothing to do with taking actions. Just move your body and minimize thinking. Just keep moving and moving until you finish.

Taking actions is easy if you will not think about the results, you will be able to move faster if you will not always look about how far you are. It is about enjoying the ride and forgetting the clock, forget about the time remaining, just keep on moving.

Take it slow if needed, make it fast if you can but don't ever rush.

Always keep in mind that if you will not move then you will remain in the same position as yesterday. But if you move now... even if the movement is not making a large impact, it is still making an impact.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable but the moment you finish your task.. you will feel like you're in heaven, you will become proud of yourself even if the accomplishment is just little. A lot of people can't move even if they are healthy and their body parts are complete, they were completely paralyzed for unknown reasons. So if you are moving and taking right actions then you have something to be proud of. Simply moving will make you feel good and proud.

Inch by inch, little by little, brick by brick. Any style will do, any movement will give you improvement. It is all about sticking with the process and finishing what you are ought to finish. Everything is easy if you are committed. Commit to taking actions, never stop until you succeed.

March 28, 2017


The real meaning of being powerful is not having control over people or looking very powerful because of money and fame. Being powerful means you can control your thoughts and emotions.

If you can control how you behave, think and feel then you are beyond powerful. Weak individuals always try to prove themselves while the powerful ones will remain calm, collective and at peace with themselves, they don't care if someone is trying to destroy them. For as long as they can stay patient and still... they don't care.

You are powerful if you know who you are and you don't need to introduce yourself to others. You don't mind if people don't know you because you are really satisfied of knowing yourself, your skills, knowledge and limitations. You simply acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. You don't care if someone is better or weaker than you. You know yourself and you don't need to know anybody else.

You are powerful if you don't get jealous with others. You know what you have and you know what you can have. You don't get jealous if someone is succeeding, rather you feel happy for him. If your enemy is succeeding... you don't get mad, you just don't feel anything. Being powerful means you don't want something bad to happen to other people... even with your enemies.

Being powerful means you are accepting defeat. It is not that you are quitting but you accept that today you lose because you're just a human, you know that you can still win tomorrow and on the other days.

Being powerful is all about using your will power to get what you want. You do whatever it takes to win and you are not complaining about how difficult it is to win. You just go and go, you know you have all the time in the world. You are progressing everyday and you are trying your very best to succeed.

Being powerful means you are not afraid to lose. You will risk your present situation for a better position. You are gracious in defeat and humble in victory.

Being powerful simply means you have total control of yourself mentally and physically.

March 28, 2017


There will be times when you think no one is supporting you, even the closest people in your life doesn't care about your dreams and ambitions. You will feel alone, you will feel that there is no helping hand or guidance that will make you stay motivated.

If that's the case, the best thing to do is become your own biggest supporter. Support yourself no matter what. Even if no one is listening at you, even if no one is interested with your dreams... still support yourself. Because it is better to support yourself and believe in yourself rather than contradict your own ideas and believe what other people say.

Just write even if no one wants to read your article or poem, just write and fall in love with your own words, keep writing, keep making art. Just sing even if they say that your voice is ugly, keep singing until you become better and everyone wants to hear your voice. Just keep working even if you're not earning some money, keep grinding and believing until people wants to pay you big.

You need to support your own work and ideas because if not... you will not grow and become better. The only way to become great at something is to fully believe in yourself and 100 percent be in love with your own outputs. if you will criticize your own work then how in the world will you gain some confidence? how will you be able to reach some uncharted heights if from the start you will not believe in yourself?

Other people will support you once you support yourself. You just need a little time to build your audience and make them get interested with your ideas.

If you will not support yourself then no one else will support you.

People will become interested at you if they see that you are serious in your work and you really love what you're doing. There is nothing wrong for being your number one fan, there is nothing wrong for loving yourself.

March 28, 2017


You can be yourself, you can do what you want, you can say what you want and try to inspire a lot of people but don't ever force them to be like you.

Yeah, maybe you are right, maybe you are doing well in life but that doesn't mean you already have the right to tell and force other people what they need to do. Because at the end of the day... you're just a human, you're still human and you can also create mistakes. Just because you are doing well in life doesn't mean you already have the right to belittle people and tell them that you are right and they are wrong. Just because you are earning a lot of money doesn't mean you are perfect and other people are broke.

I know that your intention is good and you are trying to help them but the more you force them to be like you and tell them to do all of the things that you are doing... the more you are making life difficult for them. They will just get mad, they will not understand you. They will even laugh at you and you will look like a fool in the end.

Let them ask for your help naturally. If they come at you and ask information about what you're doing then it is the perfect time to help them and give advise. But if you're always annoying them and forcing them to hear what you know then they will never listen and will not absorb any of your teachings.

They were already grown man, they have strategies on their own. And sometimes, you may think that they are not doing good but don't be surprised if one day they are doing better than you. Everyone has his own timing, just because someone is not doing well now doesn't mean he will not do well forever.

March 28, 2017


If you are planning to become a lawyer, a successful businessman, a CEO or something... the only way to achieve it is see how far can you go. Don't think about getting it, just test yourself and make yourself very near as possible from your dreams.

Study more, take actions more and progress everyday. Always make yourself one step closer to your dreams. Forget about your present situation, just see how far can you go and how much numbers you can produce.

It doesn't matter how far or near can you go, what matters is you take actions and see how good and successful you can be.

Because you only have one life and the best way to live it is to see what is possible in your life, how much success can you accumulate, how big of an inspiration you can be to the world.

If you're a failure now, rise up and look for what is possible. Test some process, create your own timing, create your own wealth. Try to reach the highest level that you can achieve.

The greatest regret that you can ever have is you know that somehow you can become successful if you only try but you didn't, instead you just let the time pass by without even reaching your prime.

If you will not think about success and just focus on seeing how far can you go then you will feel less pressure on your shoulders. You will not care about failing, you will not care if you are always losing, you are simply focused on taking it one step at a time and trying every possibility that you can try. It's like a win-win situation for you, every time you try... you feel like you are getting better and better.

If you're just a kiss-ass clerk right now and all you do is do some tasks that you don't even love... why not try applying for a managerial position? why not work so hard and give yourself a chance of being promoted to a higher position? Remember, you are just testing yourself how far can you go, you don't care about being rejected or being humiliated by other people.

If you are just earning 20 bucks a day, why not give yourself a chance to earn 100 bucks a day? do everything in your power to level up. It is not about always winning and getting what you want, it is about doing everything you can to get what you want.

Just give yourself a chance and that's it. Don't be apologetic if some people thinks that you are trying so hard and you are dreaming so big. What they think doesn't matter, the important thing is you are doing everything you possibly can to see how big you can be.

March 28, 2017


Being an old school thinker will make your life easier. It will remove complications in your life, you will become a single minded person, your thoughts will not be crowded and your life will be in a very good direction.

You just do it. You have an assignment... you do it. You need to exercise... you do it. You just do the most basic things and you do it until you finish or succeed. Not too much thinking or analyzing is needed, you just do what you needed to do. Enough of the talking, enough of the negotiations... you just make results the simplest way.

Because you can do more, you can do a lot and you can do fast if you will not get fancy and complicate things. You can be more and grow more if you will not focus on making it perfect and fantastic. Just do what you know and use what you know, if it is making results then it is right.

If you told yourself that you will do it today, if you set a specific number, time and place... do it. Be an old school thinker who will not think about complications and any other directions. You just do it no matter what, do it without conscience.

A lot of people think that they were smart, that they were better than any body else but they can't even make decisions and execute the right actions. They keep things hanging on the air, they never make progress, all they do is talk about their dreams, plans and how good they were. They never accomplish a single thing.

Qualities of an old school thinker:

• will trust his process and keep doing his own process
• always consistent and progressing
• will just do it no matter what, doesn't think about if it is right or not, he will just do it
• always making results
• never hesitant, he hates "paralysis analysis"
• doesn't care about other techniques, he stick with the basics
• always winning because he is always moving

March 28, 2017


A lot of people crumble when they feel fear, their brain shifts into an auto pilot mode and the worse is... that auto pilot mode is controlled by fear. They let the fear get the best of them, they never decide, think and react on their own.. they let the fear control the whole situation. And the result is... they never get the result that they want, they always attract problems and bad instances.

The moment you get scared all you have to do is slow down, breathe and stay relax as much as you can. Don't panic, don't rush, just slow down and everything will be alright. You have to move and think in a slow motion, make it slow as much as you can. Forget about the people around you, forget about the situation pressuring you... just take it slow and take your time.

Look at the people who were controlled by fear... they want to escape the situation right away, they were like fish caught in a net. Their body language were so ugly, they were moving awkwardly, the tone of their voice is not natural, it seems like the sound of their voice is controlled by fear. You can feel that they are really scared, they are not acting naturally, they look very awkward, they are not being themselves. And once you are not being yourself... you're in big trouble, you will make mistakes, you will not be able to execute the right action.

When I was driving 5 years ago, I was really scared, I don't know what am I being scared about. I was caught by the traffic enforcers violating some traffic rules that I didn't even know, it is because I am not aware of the surroundings, traffic signs etc. I was controlled by my fear. I am not thinking clearly, I made decisions that puts me in a bad position. the funnier thing is... I already knew where to go and where to pass but I am still getting lost because of the lack of focus. I am always rushing, I am always panicking that is why I always get stressed everytime I will go somewhere driving my car. I was scared with the other vehicles around me, I was scared of the traffic enforcers, tricky traffic signs, etc. That is why I always make mistakes and get lost a lot.

But now, I've learned that all I need to do is slow down. The moment I am slowing down, I was able to relax and make the right decisions, my mind is thinking clearly and I never get lost again. I am beginning to enjoy driving unlike before that all I feel is fear and anxiety. When I slow down, the vehicles around me cannot affect me, even if I am changing from lane to another lane... I feel untouchable and always right. I was never afraid if anything anymore, I begin to read traffic signs correctly, I was not intimidated by any traffic enforcer anymore.

In any kind of situation... if you feel fear, all you need to do is slow down. If you feel the pressure or if someone or something is pressuring you... just relax, move in a slow motion. Never panic, never rush because it will only add pressure in you.

Just stay with the moment, don't move if you needed to. Never try to escape the situation because you will only make mistakes by doing it. Embrace the discomfort by breathing and being yourself. Fear will soon go away because you are showing poise and grace. You can find your own rhythm in a moment. Even if you commit a mistake or you get lost... just learn how to calm down because everything will be alright. Treat pressure like a bitch, it is nothing and it can't affect anything.

Because you will only be able to feel life if you are slowing down and not rushing. You will only be able to use your mind and body effectively if you are living with the moment. There is no need to rush, you don't need to look for immediate answers and solutions right away, it will come to you if you are confident that it will come.

March 27, 2017


You can only have it by doing it so forget about having it instead just focus on doing it. It is the action that will bring you to your destination so move now and never look back.

Having it will not give you happiness, doing it is the only thing that will make you feel successful, A lot of people have this and have that but are not happy because they don't get it by doing it, they just get it by asking and begging from other people. That is why a lot of rich kids still feel broke inside, they didn't feel the struggle, they didn't feel the pain so there is no sense of accomplishment on their part. They cannot feel successful because they were too soft and they didn't see the way of becoming successful.

So don't think about having it right away, don't feel bad if you can't have it. What matters is you are doing the process to get it. Because at one point in your life you will get it. Just be patient for the moment and do whatever it takes to get it.

Just do it, just do any step that you think will make you have it. Forget about being perfect, forget about being flawless, just do it even if you feel that somehow you are making mistakes. Taking actions with little mistakes is much better than not taking actions at all.

Some people wants to have it but are so afraid of doing it. All they do is dream, wish and ask. They say ask and it will be given but if all you do is ask and not take actions then it will not be given to you. Ask but at the same time take actions and not just actions... solid and massive action.

March 27, 2017


The process is you, the journey is you. You are not doing the process, you are processing yourself.

If your goal is making that millions, and you think that it is your journey then you're wrong, your transformation while pursuing that millions is the real journey here. You discipline yourself, you push hard, you conquer a lot of adversity, you become a totally different person. You changed a lot, and that is the real journey, changing is very hard, it is very stressful and impossible. The real journey is not taking the steps to become a millionaire, it is how you improve day by day and developed the necessary skills to get that millions.

Another example is getting that championship, the journey is not getting that belt or trophy or title. It is how you become better everyday and building the necessary habits to get that championship. The journey is your transformation, if you've become a better person... even if you didn't get the title then you're already a winner. If you've become stronger then you already succeeded. It is what happened in your body, mind, beliefs, skills, personality that determines your success. It is not about winning, being popular or being the most successful person on earth, it is what happens in your life. The real journey is the little by little progression that you are doing with yourself.

So don't ever think about if you are succeeding or not, don't feel bad and think that your journey sucks if you're not winning. You can be a winner by just simply working on yourself and being a little bit better than yesterday. The journey is not the success that you are getting day by day, it is the good feelings that you get by simply evolving and making your life grow.

March 26, 2017


The ultimate key for living and thriving is to enjoy every second. Everything and everyone that causes you pain will become weak if you can enjoy every second, and it is possible.

The moment you feel pain, that is the time you should be aware of enjoying very second. Just entertain thoughts that will make you forget the pain, amuse yourself so that time will run very fast and you will forget the pain that you are experiencing, as simple as that.

The traffic will become weak, it will not cause stress to you anymore if you can enjoy every second of traffic. Just enjoy looking outside of your window, look for some luxury cars. Enjoy the coldness of your aircon, play your favorite music or favorite station. You can forget about time if you can find at least something that will make you a little bit amused. You can even remember the happy moments from the past. Remember what makes you really laugh hard, remember what makes you love hard. It is very easy, you just need to play with your thoughts a little bit.

Your injury will become weak if you can enjoy every second of healing it. Whatever injury you have, you need to enjoy the process so it can heal fast. Your injury will become weak if you can have fun feeling the pain, feel it little by little and laugh at it. Feel the pain in the process of healing, never try to escape it, embrace it and face the pain. Once you get familiar with the pain... you will heal fast and you will never notice that your injury is already gone.

If someone is annoying you, make him feel that you enjoy being annoyed, make him feel that you feel nothing about his stupid antics towards you. Make him feel powerless. Enjoy every second of ignoring the person that is annoying you and he will stop right away.

Just like in any competition, if you can enjoy being dominated then you can dominate everyone too. It is because you will be loose, you will feel that you don't have anything to lose, you are not rushing, you are not getting frustrated. Being calm during adversity will make you do the right thing. It will make you stronger, faster and more effective. Any opponent will become weak if you can enjoy his strikes, trash talking and attack. If you will not be afraid of your opponent's movement and words then you can control him and beat him.

If you can just enjoy any tough situations then nothing or no one can control you. If you can control your own emotions and still be appreciative to anything that is happening then you will never be stressed. It is all about mind conditioning, it is all about changing your perspective.

March 26, 2017


Set some numbers and strictly follow it everyday, follow it and wait and see what those numbers can give you. It is one way to simplify the process and reach your goals faster than ever.

If you want to get promoted by your boss... simply increase your production, set a quota for yourself and then reach it everyday, reach it no matter what. Do it for a few months or even a year, do it and wait for the results.

If you want to save more money, then just save a couple of bucks everyday, be specific, choose a number. A number that you can follow, be strict to yourself and never buy anything unless you saved the set quota that you set for yourself. Follow it for a year or more and see how you've transformed your financial status.

If you want to be strong just set a number of pushups that you can do everyday, it can be 20 or 50 or 100. Whatever you feel like you can do, set it and follow it. Never miss a day. Once you are comfortable with doing 20 and it is very easy for you... you can jump on to a higher number and do it again everyday. Never miss, never make an excuse that you are sick, tired or something. Do it for years and see how strong you can be.

If you want to be good in school and make your grades alive. Just set a number of hours that you are going to study everyday, it can be  2 or 3 or even 8 hours. Whatever number you set, make sure that you are going to follow it even if your brain is already bleeding, follow those numbers and see the dramatic improvement that you will be able to achieve. You will become smarter, your parents will become happier for sure.

It is just a matter of disciplining yourself and following the numbers that you set for yourself. Take it seriously and watch a big transformation in your life.

If you will become very consistent then you will build a habit that will make your life better. You will will be able to change your life slowly and surely.

March 25, 2017


There are three significant signs that you are going to become wealthy, once you find yourself experiencing these signs then for sure you will have an abundant life. Always be aware of how are you behaving and thinking because assessing yourself will help you a lot to achieve success faster than expected.

1. You are always thinking about business and earning money. You think about money 24/7, it is not that you are making money as your only world, it's just that you are so focused and you dominate your thoughts with money so that you will think about ways how to make money and you will be attracted with opportunities that will give you money. You think about building a business, before you're not thinking about it because all you do is spend. But now your game is different, you think about passive income, you think about assets and different ways that will increase your net worth. In other words you are on your way of becoming rich.

2. You are not buying stupid stuffs anymore. You are very smart with spending your money. Before, you buy gadgets, toys, accessories and any other things that the value depreciates, But now you are smarter, you are buying things that will increase value. Things like lots, golds, real estate, stocks etc. You want to put your money on things that will make you rich in the future.

3. You cut down all of your liabilities and you are thinking about assets. You are not using credit cards anymore, you don't buy stuffs with interests. You only think about small businesses that will make your financial status better. You don't buy cars, appliances that you will pay every month. You know what to do with your money. You hate liabilities, you don't even loan because you know it will only make you suffer in the future.

March 25, 2017


If you're too kind people will abuse you, people will step on you, manipulate you and will disrespect you. It is what it is, even if you're the nicest person in the world, that doesn't mean people will treat you nice too and success will be guaranteed to you.

Sometimes you need to be a little tough and impose your will so you will get what you want. Sometimes you need to be a little aggressive and enforce you will so you can achieve what you are trying to achieve. Because being too soft will not get the job done. Being too much soft spoken, generous, hesitant will only make you look weak and you will also feel weak.

Try to be a little bit rough and give people a little bit aggression and see if you can produce a different result. They've been abusing you for so many years, they've been treating you like a weak puppy for a very long time so I think this is the time to show them who the real boss is.

It's not that you become very mean and you will kick someone's ass for no reason, the point here is never let them do whatever they want with you, never let them just step on you and abuse you. If they didn't treat you right... fight back and show your teeth. Don't be too much humble, show them a little swag.

And when it comes to pursuing dreams.. it is time to enforce your will, it is time to ask them what you really want, it is time to ask the universe for more because you deserve more without being apologetic about it. It is time to produce some nasty numbers that no one has ever produced. You need to do something different. Kill your hesitation and pick your destination.

March 25, 2017


If you're not afraid to lose something then you will get something much much better. It is like losing something for a better replacement.

If you're not afraid to lose your present job and look for a better job with better pay then you will get it. You cannot do both, you cannot have both jobs. Something has to go, it is up to you what option will you drop and embrace another but better option. Something has to be sacrificed in order to achieve a better position in life.

A good example is friendship, if you feel that your friends are abusing you and not making you feel better.. don't be afraid to lose them, don't be afraid to leave them. You can always find a new set of friends that are more meaningful, kind and can make you a better person. You can find friends who sees the best in you and can bring out the best in you not someone who will bully you and make your confidence go down. Don't be afraid to lose something in exchange for a better thing.

It is not taking risk or being arrogant, it is being confident that there are better things waiting for you if you are willing to get them and leave the things or people that are not meaningful to your life anymore. Don't be afraid to feel abundant because you deserve a lot, you deserve to be treated better, you deserve to get better.

Don't be afraid to lose your comfort now and do some other things that will give you more comfort in the future. Don't be afraid if you will get hungry now because you are using your money for better business. If you lose something because your intention is good and your vision is to have a better life then you will get that better life in the future. Once you lose something, something will replace it so don't worry if you are not winning for the moment. You will win in just a matter of time. Better things, people, opportunities will come to you because you are not afraid to lose something and find better replacements.