February 08, 2017


You don't have any enemy, you don't have anyone or anything that can make your life painful and hard. Your mind is your only enemy. What you think about is your reality. So if you are thinking that someone is being disrespectful to you or making your life miserable... you are the only one who created that assumption. No one can hurt you without your consent. And even if they really disrespect you and say nasty things to you... you can still control your emotions. It is either you feel bad about it or feel nothing at all. You can control how you feel, you can control how you think and you almost forgot that advantage that is why you are always suffering.

If you believe in your mind and entertain negativity that is happening around you then you're in big trouble. You should tame your mind and never believe it especially if it is playing with negativity. You should only believe your mind if it is presenting some positive thoughts and ideas.

Come to think of it, sometimes you think a person has an ill will towards you but the truth is he is just being himself and doesn't even care about you. And because your mind is being suspicious and creating thoughts of destruction... you are always thinking that someone is there to give you problems but the reality is that person doesn't even think about you.

Sometimes your mind is making you believe that you can't do it, it is infusing you a weak belief. And of course you will not contradict it, you will follow what your mind tells you to do. Even if you can do it, you will not try because you already entertain weak thoughts that are stopping you from taking actions. You already lost before you begin.Your mind won again, you believe it so it controls you. Even if you wanted to take actions, you can't because your mind was poisoned by negativity.

Anything that is happening around you was produced by your thoughts. Thoughts can make you or break you. If you entertain weak and negative thoughts then you will have a poor and miserable life. But if you entertain rich and powerful thoughts then sky is the limit for you. You can achieve anything, you can be anything.

Tell your mind to shut up if it is giving you negative thoughts. Stay focus on what you want and never let go of the idea that you can become successful.

If you can control your mind and take full possession of it then your life will become wonderful. You will have an easier and more profound life. It is easy to filter negative thoughts, all you need to do is always be aware if it is playing inside of your head and replace it right away with a positive thought. Not all the time you will think positive, not all the time you will have a peace of mind. But if you are aware that negativity is running inside of your head then you can stop it easily and replace it with a more powerful and useful thought.

No one can stop you, no one can hurt you. It is your mind that is making your life difficult so you better manage it and learn how to make it operate the right way.

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