February 26, 2017


Ego is something that makes your life really difficult. It makes you think you're better than the others which is not true and that kind of mindset makes you feel you are so special. When there are instances that you were not treated special by some people... you get mad, you get disappointed and you feel like you've been humiliated. Who is the loser now? is it them or you? You want to be treated special and that kind of mentality will take away your freedom. Your happiness is to shaky and it is purely coming from the respect that you get from other people. Without that respect... you feel low.

Having a lot of ego will avoid you from being loose, it will make you always mad, feel bad and missing something. You will not be a the state of abundance if you have a lot of ego in your body. You always wanted to look good, best and above from others. That is why when there is someone doing better than you... you always get jealous because you always wanted to be the topic of the conversation.

If someone criticizes you... you got really angry. If they said that you are not good enough and that you're just an amateur or newbie... you will burst in anger, you would even love to hurt the person that say all those things. But if you know yourself... your ego will die. If you know that you are good enough and that your skills were enough then you will have the feeling that you don't need to prove anything to anybody. In other words... your ego has already been dead if you know who you really are.

If you know that you're a good person and you know honestly in yourself that you are doing well in life, no matter what people tell you... you will not be affected. All the backstabbing, trash talking will be useless because you already knew yourself and you believe in yourself.

If you know yourself, you will not compete against anyone because that is pointless to you. Your ego is dead so you feel that your not better than anyone but no one is also better than you. Everything is neutral, everything is connected and you simply don't care about who is on top or at the bottom.

If you know yourself, you will feel secured. You don't care if someone is about to replace you because you always knew you can find something better. You don't get insecure because you trust your talents and skills so much, you know there is always a better place for you. You don't control anything, you are free and worry cannot enter your mind.

You don't care if you lose because you know that you can recover and you can come back stronger. You don't care about critics because all you care about is how you feel. You never entertain negative emotions because you can control your emotions. You appreciate losing because it is still a part of your life.

So who are you? what are your strengths and weaknesses? if you know all those things then your ego will die. You will accept what you can do and what you cannot do. You will never care what people say, all you care about is your happiness and growth.

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