February 24, 2017


Once you decided to become successful, once you have a made up mind that you are going to get it and you are working super hard everyday then that's it. You don't need to think about anything else anymore, just keep working and grinding and success will come into your house for sure. I don't know the deadline or the timeline but it will come, you just need to wait for it while working and for sure you are going to have it.

The reason why you are having a hard time getting it and success is always postponed is because you always change your mind, you always change your route, you always doubt yourself when things are not working. You can make anything work if you are willing to stick long enough for it to work. Don't change your habits if your habits were good already and aligned to your goals.

Patience is a virtue, if you can't wait then it means you don't want it bad enough. All you got to do is keep repeating and repeating over and over again. Yeah, sometimes it is tiring but you have to look at the person you've become... you are becoming great at something, wasn't that amazing?

Because if you will stop or change another route then you will go back to zero. There is no turning back now, you've got to lock in to your goal, take relentless actions and just wait for your time. Your time will come, no one knows it but for sure it will come.

Success is a marathon not a sprint, the ones who can stick with his goal forever will be the one who will succeed. Some made it fast but where are they now? they go back being a failure because they don't have the stamina and endurance to stay on top. Once you wait for a long time and work for a long time then you will stay on top for a long time, you may even stay on top forever. Simply because the habits are there, the knowledge is there and the discipline is there which is very difficult to remove in your system. You will become a winner forever.

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