February 28, 2017


If you want tit bad enough, if you think that having it is the only thing that will make you happy then you will do whatever it takes to have it and make it yours. You will do impossible things, you will move even if you are tired, you will try even if there are no more chance, you will even crawl if you can't walk anymore just to get there. There are no excuses, you will keep moving forward until you reach your desired destination. You will start again even if it is already over.

Winning is not about raising your hands, it is about conquering adversity and defeating the most difficult challenges that you could ever imagine.

Because if you really want it then you will do everything to get it, even the most irrational ideas... you will bite it and try it. Even if people laugh at you, even if people call you crazy... anything that you think will work, you will try it. Even if the percentage of winning is very low.. you will take it. Even if the risk is very high and you might kill yourself... you will do it.

Because you can make a movement, you can make a little progress every now and then and that is already an enough proof that anything is possible. Little by little, if that is what it takes to get there... you will do it.

You will not be able to think of any excuses to stop if you really want it. You will push through no matter what, you will endure all pain and humiliation. You just don't are at all because winning is more important than how you feel. You don't care about your negative emotions because you are not scared of stress anymore. You are completely lock in and you will keep walking or running or even crawling just to get there.

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