February 17, 2017


In everything that you are doing, you always wanted to look flashy, elegant, great and invincible that is why you always look bad, that is why you position is always bad. You have a reputation to take care of and you can't be yourself. You are very conservative, you always play safe that is why your position is mediocre and doesn't stand out.

If you want to win in life you must be willing to look bad, you must be willing to look like a failure first then work everyday to make your position better. Be willing to look like you are suffering and facing big problems, be willing to look like you are struggling and you can't find a way to win. That is the way how to do it, not caring about what people thinks of you. Just simply struggle and struggle and find a way how to win.

Your position will only be good, if you are willing to accept that it is bad and you have the initiative and urgency to make it better.

A lot of fresh graduate students don't have a job because they are not willing to take a position that is lower than their standards. The want to have a big salary right away, they want to become a boss right away, they don't want to look bad taking jobs that are outside of their specialty that is why they can't find a job.

In life, sometimes you must willing to take a lower position first in order to have a higher position in the future. You can't let your ego eat you. Even if you came from a well know family or university, even if you are rich, you still need to look bad in order to look good in the future.

If you need to do some things that you don't like... do it. Even if you hate what you are doing and you are so disgusted with it.. do it.

You don't need to care about how you look. You don't need to look rich, elegant and good smelling. Sometimes you just need to be practical and do what needs to be done. Sometimes you need to endure and make sacrifices so that your life will become better.

Because if you will always care about how you feel and how you look... you will become soft, you will not achieve anything. Life is not all about wearing nice shirts, shoes and jewelries. It is all about making results, making yourself better everyday and doing whatever it takes to win.

If you always want to look fresh, perfect and clean then you will never succeed. You should be tough, strong willed and will always try to do something that will put you in a better position. Looking good is one thing, feeling successful is another thing.

So stop focusing on your looks and make your hands dirty, don't be afraid of what people say and just do something that you think will make your status in life better. You will look good in the end if you become successful. Stop focusing on dressing like a rockstar or super model. You can have the fanciest outfit in the world but if your pocket is empty then you're still nothing.

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