February 11, 2017


You're too jealous with what other people have or maybe you're just a trying hard collector who wants to collect things even though you don't need some of it. You want everything, you want to have a lot even though what you have is already enough.

If you saw your classmate or officemate having a new watch or latest cellphone in the market, you want to buy your own too even if yours is still working and still new. You want to copy them or even be greater than them. That is why you can't be happy. You are always comparing what you have to what they have.

If someone is thriving in a specific business and making a lot of money, you want to try that business too even if your income is already stable. You want to try that business even if you are not serious about it. And what happen in the end? you fail. You fail because you don't love what you are doing, you just want to try it because some people are making good money from it and you also want to get the same.

If there is a sale item at the department store... you want to buy it even if you don't need it. And that kind of lifestyle is making you broke, your credit card is overused, it needs to rest but you won't allow it.

If you saw some of your social media friends going to a new place, you want to go there too even if you don't have extra money. You will do everything so that people will say you have money too and you are adventurous too.

You want to try everything that is why you are going crazy. And when you can't have what you want... you become sad for no reason. Your happiness is too dependent on the things that you are seeing, you have no satisfaction, you can't appreciate your life because you're too greedy to have everything which will never happen.

My advise is be happy with what you have, just aim for the things that you can have without affecting your present situation. If you can buy something without making your financial status go down then go ahead. If you want to pursue something and you will be serious about it in the long run then go ahead. But don't ever try things for the sake of just experiencing it.

You can't have everything in life, you don't need to try everything. If you can be happy with your life being incomplete then that is the real happiness. Accept your situation, appreciate what you have and don't ever feel envy if someone have this or have that. You have your own unique situation, you have something that they don't have too so just be content with all of your things and accomplishments.

There is nothing wrong in having few, there is no such thing as few if you are appreciative enough in your life. You will feel very abundant once you stop looking outside of yourself. What you have is enough, you just need to feel blessed and stop getting jealous with others.

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