February 21, 2017


You don't want to do what you are supposed to do now because you promise yourself you will double your efforts tomorrow, but did it happen? did you really work harder than yesterday? were you able to compensate the work that you miss? of course the answer is not. Because promising yourself that you will work harder is just an excuse. Once you make an excuse and you feel good about it... you will repeat it over and over again until it becomes a habit.

Don't let a day be over without doing what you are suppose to do because promising to work harder tomorrow and double your efforts is just a myth. It will never happen because:

1. You will get overwhelmed. For example, you are suppose to run for 30 mins yesterday and you promise that you will double it now, do you think you can run for an hour? I am very sure you cannot because you cannot even run for 30 mins then how come you become ambitious to run an hour?Maybe you will start but once you feel that you have a long way to go... you will stop, you will be satisfied if you run for only 30 mins.

2. There is no momentum. There is no momentum so you cannot double your effort. You will even have a hard time starting because you already stop your habit yesterday. You will procrastinate even more because you don't know how and when to start again. That's what you get for enjoying yesterday too much and thinking that you can work harder today.

3. You're lazier today. You're already on the side of laziness. Yesterday you were already lazy but you are lazier today because you haven't done anything yet. You will have a hard time getting back on track because you believe that you can afford to be lazy and nothing bad will happen.

So if you have something to do now... just do it because if you allow yourself to make excuses, you will use it again and you will become lazy forever. Laziness is hard to stop once you start it so you better act now while your lazy attitude is not yet worse.

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