February 22, 2017


A lot of people will only work if the results were guaranteed. They will not exert an effort if they don't have any assurance that they will get something in return. This kind of mindset is a mindset of a broke individual that feels he is entitled of something. A lot of people will never work unless they are sure that money will flow, a lot of people will not even go to a job interview unless they are sure that the job will be given to them.

But life and success doesn't work that way. You still have to work and make an effort even if money is not guaranteed, especially if you don't have anything. You will only have the right to become picky or choosy if you have a lot of money in your bank but if not... then you have to work regardless if money is not guaranteed. Because what you are building here is momentum and character. You have to build a habit of working everyday and finding opportunities everyday so that you will not be stuck in a mud.

If you are an aspiring athlete, if you wanted to become professional, what you need to do is you have to practice everyday, you have to be stronger everyday even if there are no offers yet or there are no contract signing yet. You have to work because your effort will server as an attraction for the opportunity. You have to have a constant improvement because when an opportunity comes and you're not ready.. you will not get it. Always being ready and prepared physically and mentally will guarantee you a spot.

Some people who already got the job thinks they don't have to work anymore, they think that they can afford to become lazy and take it easy, the result is they lost their work. The conclusion is you still have to work and improve if you want to remain on top because anything can be taken away from you if you start to build lazy habits. Even the richest people are still working hard, even the millionaires grind all day long.

Be patient and always try to improve everyday so your skills will continue to grow and you will not become rusty. Always look for opportunity because it is the only way that will keep you in the right rhythm. Never stop killing your momentum because at any given time, the biggest opportunity may knock on your door.

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